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• 11/27/2017

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• 3/21/2015

Glee Fandom starting to fade/continuation of Next Gen and NYADA Years.

As most of you know, Glee aired it's beautiful and astounding series finale last night, and I fear that the fandom is really gonna start to fade out after this.
Now I know you all who knew and worked with JamesonOTP aka, Justin McNeill on this wiki and the fanfictions have disowned him as a friend and colleague following his arrest for his...unfortunate disgusting desires. However, Next Gen and NYADA Years are really good fics and both me and User:Nashradio have been aiming to continue both without JamesonOTP.  I mean, it's been done on TV before: a creator either quits or gets fired for one reason or another, and the show continues without them.
However, we've both realized we can't do it alone, and so I'm calling on many of the authors who worked on this wiki and the fanfictions to return and help us continue with it.
I know you all have you're apprehensions, because of the nature of Justin's offenses (especially those who knew him personally and worked with him closely). But forget him. he screwed up, so that doesn't mean what he created here shouldn't suffer. Because I know all of you put in so much work to make the wiki and fanfictions so great.
So we should all consider JamesonOTP, aka Justin fired, cast out. Heck, if and/or when he gets out or every gets access to a computer again, and comes back here, he should be forced to step down.
It's your choice of whether or not you return to help us continue the fics, but I'm hoping you do.
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• 7/12/2014

News on Justin

Got some news on Justin.  As of now  both series are cancelled indefinitely.
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• 2/22/2014

Sorry For the Hold-Up on Episodes

I got my new laptop and yes, I wanted to be back to writing but my laptop has but that briefly on hold between constant updates (and one that lasted 2 hours) and having to redownload everything. I have to finish updating my Glee Kit back to its former glory so that I can write again because without it, I can't do graphics or song covers. And it's taking a while because I spent about 10 hours compiling that, fixing the blemishes, making custom colors, etc. But I will be back to writing soon.
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• 2/10/2014

I'm Back, Bitches!

Well, I'm back and will be back to writing ASAP! I would have been on here sooner had I know I had a huge chunk of change on a debit card that I had no idea about and could have used earlier to get my new laptop, but yeah...HERE I AM! I missed you guys!
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• 1/17/2014

Does Anyone Still Read?

Does anyone still read the series besides Jackie? Just checking if it's worth it to keep it going. I wanna continue but no one is ever here but me...
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• 1/13/2014

Sorry For the Extended Break

I wanted to personally apologize for taking so long to write Dance, Dance 101 and Boys Vs. Girls. There has been a lot going on in my life that has sidelined a bit longer than I had hoped it would. Between long hours at work, personal issues, being sick, holidays, Mom's recent health, etc I took much longer off than I expected and I feel as if it kind of made everyone disappear due to lack of activity over here. However, expect DD101 AND BVG as well to both be up sometime this week! Following that, I will be back on schedule.
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• 1/8/2014

The Winner of the Next Generation Games!

Jackie has won, Juan has placed second, and Kyler has placed third! So, here's what you have won.
Jackie: 1) First dibs on any 1 song released between October 13th and January 1st 2) 1 personalized avatar of your choice. You can pic characters, colors, colors, etc. for it. 3) A special Facebook banner of any character you choose 4) 1 episode dedicated to you (choose from any upcoming episode). This includes little nods to you in the episode. 5) 1 exclusive scene written just for you (can be for a past or upcoming episode, but it cannot mess with canon). 6) Release of any 2 deleted scene from Season 1 or 2 you want (see me for more details) 7) 1 chance to come up with an episode theme 8) 1 opprotunity to name an upcoming episode 9) 1 choice for an artist/song of your choice to be featured in the TNY S3 27 Club episode (see me for details) and 10) An exclusive signed digital character portrait of your choice character.
Juan: 1) 1 personalized avatar of your choice. You can pic characters, colors, colors, etc. for it. 2) 1 episode dedicated to you (choose from any upcoming episode). This includes little nods to you in the episode. 3) Release of any 1 deleted scene from Season 1 or 2 you want (see me for more details) and 4) 1 choice for an artist/song of your choice to be featured in the TNY S3 27 Club episode (see me for details)
Kyler: 1) 1 personalized avatar of your choice. You can pic characters, colors, colors, etc. for it. 2) 1 exclusive scene written just for you (can be for a past or upcoming episode, but it cannot mess with canon) and 3) 1 choice for an artist/song of your choice to be featured in the TNY S3 27 Club episode (see me for details)
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• 12/14/2013

Game 1 of 2: Guess the Plot Based on Songs

I haven't had a chance to be really creative with games and this proved to be the most popular game, so I thought I would do it again! The page for Dance, Dance 101 (linked for your convenience) has been updated with the songs in the episode order, so your task is to guess the plot line based on the songs and song order. I will once again be employing my grading method for the last game like this to determine who gets the closest to the actual plot. If anyone gets the same score, to break the tie, we will be looking at who posted FIRST. First to post gets a 10 point bonus for this game to break the tie. In the event of a three-way tie or more, first gets 10 points, second to post gets 5 points, and third to post gets 1 point. This will determine our top 3. There is also something special up for grabs for the winner: they get to see the summary for any scene in the episode they want before the episode is released! That means first place gets 100 points in the overall game and the sneak peek. Second place will take 75 points for the overall game. Third place will get 50 points for the overall games and all participants who don't place get 10 points just for playing. So without further ado, here we go:
Based on song order, please give me your best guess at the plot line of Dance, Dance 101.
Also, there is a hint to one of the songs' plot lines on the wiki if you wanna take the time to find it
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• 12/12/2013

Just Gonna Highlight This and Leave It Here...
Go check it out if you are interested in participating in the series's FIRST ACTUAL DIGITAL EP!
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• 12/2/2013

Guess the Secret Word/Phrase Game

Jackie guessed the secret phrase: Niall Gaybies
There is still a secret word. Guess it and get 100 points!
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• 11/26/2013


Do you think Lanryn are obsessed with each other and explain your reasoning?
(Because the little bird known as Kyler says they are even though the writer and creator of half of the Lanryn says they aren't)
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• 11/21/2013

Take Me Home Game

So here is the newest game and you have until 4 pm (my time)  tomorrow to answer.
In Take Me Home, Jaxon has a very specific reason for choosing to do a tribute to Take Me Home by One Direction and it also centers around a main event of the episode. Now, the reason isn't one of these two things: it's NOT based on someone in the club's love of One Direction and it's NOT based on the title of the album, despite A LOT of ways that the title refers to some of the events. It's very specific toward Jaxon and co. starting the new club. If anyone can guess the CORRECT reason, you will get 100 points! If more than one person does so, they will all get points. The total amount of points will determine on who answers first, second, and third. If no one answers correctly, a clue will be given and everyone who has already answered will be given another chance to guess. Alright, guys. GAME ON!
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• 11/4/2013

Newest Games!

Down below are the TWO (that's right, there are TWO games this week!) games for the next round of The Next Generation Games. You will have ONLY until 4pm Tuesday, October 5, 2013 to play both games. If you do not post a response by then, you get zero points. If you try and don't get it right, then you get 10 points for participation, so it's best to at least guess, even if you're not sure since some of the point leads are incredibly close. Also, you can play both games and win both games. In the event that more than one person gets the right answer, I have a FAIR way to seeing who gets what place (since some may not be able to come on due to work or school) and have to post later than others. So here's the breakdown:

Possible Point Totals:First Place: 100 pointsSecond Place: 50 pointsThird Place: 25 pointsParticipation (with no placing): 10 points
GAME #1: "Secrets" Keepers - In this game for Glee: The Next Generation presents the NYADA Years, you will be given one of three people who are harboring secrets in "Secrets." Your job is to guess what that secret is. If you guess right or the closest, you can win points! It's that simple. Anyone not on the list below can choose either Tyler or Camryn for your game.


Game #2: Name that Slushie! - In this game for Glee: The Next Generation, three freshmen (note: freshmen) will be getting slushied. What I need to know is: who will those three be (one has yet to be introduced, so you might wanna dig through some blogs for this tricky game changer of an answer) and what color will the slushie be? That is a total of 4 answers, so your % will be based on out of 100, meaning you can score 0%, 25%, 50%, or 100%. The ones with the highest percentages will take points. Once again, if there is a tie, then I have a tie-breaker process in mind.
If you have any questions about the game or the rules, hit me up in PM. Once again, you have until 4pm tomorrow (my I post this is it 4:41 so about this time tomorrow) to answer. If you win both games, you can take 200 points so this is a crucial event! Good luck to all and get ready to PLAY!
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• 10/18/2013

New The Next Generation Game: Guess the Plot Based on the Songs!

So the Parenthood page now has the songs in the right order...your job is to guess the plot based on the song order. Whoever gets the plot the CLOSEST to the actual plot gets 100 points. Next closest gets 50, and so on. In the event of a tie, a tie breaker question will be issued to decide, but I don't think we'll have a tie. Reply to this message with your answer by this time tomorrow (10:00 pm Thursday, October 17th) to qualify or else those measley 10 points are all you can get! Hurry!
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• 10/16/2013

Song Changes

Effectively immediately, new rules are in effect regarding the changing of songs. If the rules aren't followed, the song changes are ruled void.

The only time a song for an episode being currently worked on can be changed is if it causes problems with the formatting or the episde.
You can only change a song without a significant reason ONCE (and only with my approval first).
If you ask a song to be changed AFTER I have made the page, you are responsible for changing the song in the SONGS section and VIDEO section. I work hard on these pages and the formatting of the pages, so changing songs on a whim is a bit of an inconvience for me, especially with so much work now. If you don't change it on the page, I'm not going to and that means if it doesn't change on the page by the time I start that episode, it will not change in the episode.
Sorry, but song changes get tedious and repetitive after a while, so that's why these new rules are going into effect.
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• 10/14/2013

The Next Generation Games!

Hi guys! JamesonOTP here and I will kicking off a new series of games to increase the fun factor around here. There will be a game for every episode released of both Glee: The Next Generation and Glee: The Next Generation presents The NYADA Years. These games are collectively known as The Next Generation Games. Each game has the possibility of rewarding you with between 100 points and 10 points. You get 10 points JUST for participating, so you never leave empty-handed for trying. 1st place in each game gets 100 points, 2nd place gets 50 points, and 3rd place gets 25 points. The games will last until January 1st, when a winner is announced. They will win a grand prize, which is to be determined. 2nd and 3rd place will also get prize packs and there will be a consulation prize for all runner-ups. Possible prizes include first dibs on any 1 song released between October 13th and January 1st, personalized avatars, Facebook banners, episodes dedicated to you, exclusive scenes written just for you, release of any deleted scene from Season 1 you want, chance to come up with an episode theme, chance to name episodes, and much more! It's not to late to play, so I wanna see you try!
Here's the point tallies so far:

Kyler: 100 pointsJuan: 50 pointsMike: 25 pointsJackie: 10 pointsHinton: 10 points

So far the games played are: Name the "Pilot" Homage (The Newbies), with more to come.
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• 9/19/2013

Are you excited for Graduation? :)

So, tick tock is counting down and the seniors are already leaving. All those chaaracters we have been reading of for almost two years are leaving to college and McKinley might never be the same.. So, what are your feels about what's about to come?
Please tell us and talk with other users about what's next. 
More information:

Graduation Part I
Graduation Part II
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• 8/17/2013

New Albums for TNG?

Any type of good ideas you guys have for any new albums for TNG? I believe we're on a volume 9 or 10. I dunno. <3
And additional albums like for certain episodes, etc?  Let me know below!
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• 8/17/2013

Locked Pages

I have noticed an anon falsely editing pages and adding dead links and adding the original artists into the "performed by" and "lyrics." I leave a message asking them not to and undid what the did.  noticed Juan undid some as well. It seems right now to just be the It's Britney, Bitch page and Till the World Ends (Femme Fatale Remix) pages so I have locked them until further notice. Admins can still edit them, as you know but that's why they have been locked. I also had to delete artist pages, where the only content was: Kids. I warned them that one more warning, it was a 24 hour ban as you can see below.
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