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• 2/4/2013

How excited you are for TNG coming back?

So, I have a feeling that Justin may be feeling a bit down due to everyone moving to Trae's wiki on chat and focus their attention. I'm sure Justin doesn't want all of that at all, but maybe it could be cool to keep excitement and work equally. Don't get me wrong, I love Trae and his new fanfiction but I also appreciate Justin very much just to keep him hanging on. And by this, I don't mean you're doing this,l but he may be feeling that way because one day from another people stopped editing and going on chat.. Just that..

So, just to revive a bit the activity, some questions..

For Season Four, which episode you're more excited about and why? Which storylines are you waiting for? Are you excited about S5 upcoming and NYADA? Leave a good response :)

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• 2/4/2013
I'm actually still on break from editing this wiki that's why i'm not editting here. Far putting so much work into this wiki and not so much work into trae's other ff wiki it's only fair in my opinion that i change my focus a bit. So you won't see me be editing here for a good while. sorry justin. I haven't lost interest I promise. You will see my comments tho.
• 2/4/2013

Episode? ALL OF THE EPISODES!!! They all look absolutely amazing and Justin is gonna do an amazing job, as per ususal! Evan's storyline from JLP to WIG. It is gonna be amazing! Of course I'm excited for S5 and NYADA they look absolutely amazing and Justin is gonna blow us all away with them :)

Plus on the inactivity... I have my own wikis and fan fics that I'm excpected to update and such alone so... I really can't edit here daily.. Sorry Justin..

• 2/4/2013

I'm really excited to get watch the pressures of being successful and famous begin to get to the kids. What do they needed to do to be famous. Or far are they willing to go and what are their limits. Especially with regards to Jaxon. It is going to be very very interesting to see how he develops over the course of the season and how he balances his own dreams with his friend's dreams and how that balance will work. It also will be cool to see the recovery of Liles and that friendship, and see them defending and loving each other. Graduation and the Wedding will be perfect. I am excited to see Evan's downfall and redemption, as well as the roots for next season to be seen. ALL OF THE EPISODES ARE GONNA ROCK. 

As for the editing, I'm kind of in a similar boat as Jackie. I never really helped Trae's Wiki much before, so this time I'm going to keep it updated, on that note though, I will be editing here in between episodes and helping Justin catch up. Both will have a good amount of my attention. 

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