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• 10/16/2013

Song Changes

Effectively immediately, new rules are in effect regarding the changing of songs. If the rules aren't followed, the song changes are ruled void.

  • The only time a song for an episode being currently worked on can be changed is if it causes problems with the formatting or the episde.
  • You can only change a song without a significant reason ONCE (and only with my approval first).
  • If you ask a song to be changed AFTER I have made the page, you are responsible for changing the song in the SONGS section and VIDEO section. I work hard on these pages and the formatting of the pages, so changing songs on a whim is a bit of an inconvience for me, especially with so much work now. If you don't change it on the page, I'm not going to and that means if it doesn't change on the page by the time I start that episode, it will not change in the episode.

Sorry, but song changes get tedious and repetitive after a while, so that's why these new rules are going into effect.

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• 10/16/2013
duly noted.
• 10/16/2013


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