Amanda Larson
General Information
Gender: Female
Family & Friends
Family: Miles Larson (son)
Blake Larson (husband)
Graham Larson (son)
Series Information
First appearance: We Made It
Portrayer: Paige Turco
Amanda Larson is a character on Glee: The Next Generation who is the mother of Miles Larson. She plays a very passive role in Miles' life and the relationship with her husband.


Amanda is from a strong Southern home where she learned feminine values from her strict but loving mother. Her father showed man's superiority, and it made her into the passive woman that she is today. Eventually, she moved up north where she married Graham and Miles' father. He eventually passed away, and she went to remarry Blake after.


Season ThreeEdit


Amanda is a passive woman, who rarely will intercede when she sees any form of trouble. Her outlook on life is stay within her boundaries and not step on anyone's toes. She is very timid, and she won't stand up to her new husband. She is very caring and loving, but is usually unable to express this. 


She has a very quaint and subtle look to her. She is constantly wearing business suits for her jobs, and Amanda always has an elegant look about her. She carries herself in a very brisk manner and always has her brown hair into a professional hairstyle.


The woman is straight and has been married twice to two different men.

Family RelationshipsEdit

Miles LarsonEdit

She she seems to care very deeply for her son and is distraught at his poor treatment. Amanda is unable to stand up to Blake though, so she isn't able to show her care and concern as she wishes.

Blake LarsonEdit

Her relationship with Blake is one of very healthy respect. She doesn't stand up to him, and she respects all of the rules that he has put for their family. Amanda does seem to really love him though.

Graham LarsonEdit

Their relationship hasn't been touched on, but it could be assumed she cares for him a lot like Miles.


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