Boys vs. Girls
Season 5, Episode 5
Air date TBA
Written by JamesonOTP
Episode Guide
Femme Fatales 2.0
Glee! The Genetic Opera
Boys vs. Girls is the fifth episode of Season 5 of JamesonOTP's ongoing fan fiction, Glee: The Next Generation and the ninety-third episode overall. It is the series second boys vs. girls competition, following the Season episode Battle of the Sexes.

Holly decides to pay homage to Mr. Schue's Battle of the Sexes by hosting her own Boys vs. Girls competition in which the girls will tackle songs by girl groups and the boys tackle songs by boy bands. To get their respective teams ready, Bella and James inspire their teams with anthems for their respective sexes. To make things more complicated, the Femme Fatales 2.0 want in on it. Whoever wins the competition will be getting a number at Sectionals.



Song Title Original Artist Performed by
Woman's World Cher Bella James
Hangin' Tough New Kids on the Block Reece Montgomery, Dexter Iver, J.T. Tyler, and James Holland with New Directions Boys
We Got It Goin' On Backstreet Boys Ryder McDaniel and Kevin Rhodes with New Directions Boys
Say You'll Be There Spice Girls Ana Watson, Sadie Rosetti, Etta Amato, Kai Iona, Olivia Mahoney, Alana De LucaBella James, and New Directions Girls
Something New Girls Aloud Bella James and Taylor Atkinson with New Directions Girls
Bad Boys Wham! James Holland
Tearin' Up My Heart N*SYNC Adam Gray, Jayden Hebberd, Teddy Cruz, and Joshua Bennett with New Directions Boys
Independent Women Destiny's Child Kimberly Williams, Davies Dawson, Beckii Castor, and Natalia Jensen with New Directions Girls

Song CoversEdit


  • The only episode where not only do all the members of New Directions get a solo in a group number, but also all of the Femme Fatales 2.0 get a solo as well.


Cher - Woman's World03:44

Cher - Woman's World


Wham! - Bad Boys03:23

Wham! - Bad Boys


Girls Aloud - Something New03:24

Girls Aloud - Something New


New Kids On The Block - Hangin' Tough03:52

New Kids On The Block - Hangin' Tough

Spice Girls - Say You'll Be There03:53

Spice Girls - Say You'll Be There


N'Sync - Tearin' Up My Heart03:33

N'Sync - Tearin' Up My Heart


Destiny's Child - Independent Women Part I03:57

Destiny's Child - Independent Women Part I

Backstreet Boys - We've Got It Goin' On04:11

Backstreet Boys - We've Got It Goin' On


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