Brody Diaz
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: Deceased
Height: 6'5
Occupation(s): Cop
Family & Friends
Family: Alysia Jeffries (wife)
Lynsay Jeffries (daughter)
Lana Addison (daughter)
Garry Diaz (Father)
Lana Diaz (Mother)
Relationships: Alysia Jeffries (Wife)
Sexuality: Straight
Series Information
Portrayer: Travis Milne

Brody Diaz is a character in JamesonOTP's Glee:The Next Generation fanfiction. Brody most likely not to appear unless it is in a flashback because he has been deceased for 15 years.


Brody was the only son of Garry and Lana Diaz. His parents were very wealthy. When he was a junior in high school he become a father of a daughter that he named after his mother. He married the mother of his child, Alysia Jeffries. Six months after their wedding he was killed in the line of fire as a cop.

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