Calliope Addsion
General Information
Gender: Female
Family & Friends
Family: Lana Addison(Daughter)

Wyatt Tristan Addison Jr (Son)
Alysia Jeffries (Sister)
Lynsay Jeffries (Niece)
Wyatt Tristan Addison (Husband)

Series Information
First appearance: New Divide
Portrayer: Lana Parrilla

Calliope Addison is a recurring character in Glee: The Next Generation who is introduced as Lana 's mother in, New Divide.

She was created by Mord Sith's Chipped Cup. She is portrayed by Lana Parilla.


Season 2

Calliope is first mentioned in High School Never Ends as Lana describes her to Miles.

Calliope makes her first appearance in New Divide. She pushes Lana to introduce Hallie to her. She is seen pestering Lana about greating everything ready for when Hallie arrives. She turns up her nose with she finds out the twins were Hallie's kids and not in fact her siblings. After Hallie leaves she forbids Lana from seeing her.

Callie is mentioned in Heritage by Ana Watson in a plan to make her like Hallie better. She is yet again mentioned in A Night To Remember to both Jaxon and Hallie. She isn't mentioned again until Gold Forever when Hallie voices her dislike of hiding their relationship from Callie.

Season 3



She is a very commanding woman. She is the type of person where it is her way or no way.


Callie is straight and married to Wyatt Addison, Sr. She is mother to Wyatt Jr and adopted mother to Lana.


Wyatt Addision, Sr.

Family Relationships

Lana Addison

Wyatt Addison, Jr

Alysia Jeffries

Lynsay Jeffries


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