What Is A Chat Moderator?

Chat Moderators make sure everyone follows the rules in chat and is safe. They are second in command to admins in the chat. They have the authority to warn users if they don't follow the rules in chat and have the authority to kickban those who don't. Chat Mods must set the example in chat.

Chat Moderator Duties

Chat Mods are expected to do the following:

  • Be in chat when available.
  • Handle issues users might have that are in chat or deal with chat.
  • Make new users in chat feel welcome and comfortable.
  • Issue kickbans and deal with bullying, harrassment, trolling, or any other general chat rule breaking when necessary.

Want to Become A Chat Moderator?

We are currently looking for Chat Mods to help make this wiki better. In order to be considered, you:

  • Must have made at least 100 edits
  • Be active on this wiki
  • Be mature and trustworthy
  • Be active in chat
  • You must make yourself known. If I or my other admins don't know you, you're not gonna earn a spot on the team.
  • Must have the best intentions for this wiki. Not just in it for the power.

If you fit the criteria and would like to become an Chat Mod, leave a comment below and me and my other admins will make a decision.

Current Chat Mods

All admins, are of course, Chat Mods.

Admin Chat Mods

Username Position Main Duties
JamesonOTP Founder, Head Bureaucrat Administrator Team Captain, Co-Captain of Graphics Team
Zinnia3 Bureaucrat, Co-Second in Command (Inactive)
TeamGeorgiaPrae Bureaucrat, Co-Second In Command (Inactive) Head of Update Team
Fallin' Bureaucrat, Third in Command (Inactive) Enforcement Team Captain
SouthernSwag Administrator

Non-Admin Chat Mods

Username Position Main Duties
Camsay Chat Moderator Chat Mod Team Captain
Samchel fan Chat Moderator
SamcedesandKlaineForever Chat Moderator
James.mckay1992 Chat Moderator
Purple-Glee-Project Chat Moderator
TheOneWithTheGoldenGiraffe Chat Moderator


Seal (4)
This badge is much like a peacekeeper's badge. The main color of the badge is green. Admins are '"reds," Enforcers are "blues," and Chat Mods are "greens." If you're on the Chat Mod Team, I expect you to display this badge poudly on your profile so that you can be easily identified. If you are already an Admin, since all Admins are Chat Mods, you only have to display the Admin Badge. Unauthorized use and/or abuse of this badge (such as putting it on your profile when you aren't an Chat Mod) will result in being banned.

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