By: Hairspray
Sung by: India Wilson
Place: Auditorium
Episode: It's Hairspray
Cooties is a song from the Broadway musical "Hairspray". It was sung by India Wilson as her audition song for the musical for the role of "Amber Von Tussle", in the episode It's Hairspray.


They came from way far out in outer space and with her help,
they may destroy the human race,
She’s got cooties.
They've found a place to nest.
She’s got cooties.
If I were her I’d be depressed.
Long tailed, sharp nailed, fuzzy legs, laying eggs.
In science class, she's like a walking show-and-tell.
Her pet skunk ran away ‘cause it couldn't take the smell.
She's got cooties. Nobody want to sit by her. She's got cooties.
She don't need a coat ‘cause she's got fur!
Circle, circle, dot, dot, dot. Hurry, get your cootie shot!
Come on everybody, let's stamp 'em out!
She’s got cooties. She's just as friendly as can be.
She's got cooties. She shows them cootie hospitality.
She's got cooties. She's like a living Twilight Zone.
She's got cooties. Quick, get Rod Sterling on the phone!
Black, white, red, green, every color in between.
Dresses like a circus clown. Somebody oughta hose her down.
Grew up in a cootie zoo, I bet her two-ton mama's got 'em too!”

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