Don't Forget by Demi Lovato is sung by Hallie as her audition song in the episode "Battle of the Sexes". She auditions after being convinced by Bella that she needs music in her life again in order to keep her happy, despite her situation. Hallie is reluctant at first, but at the end of "Proud" she is seen to be considering joining New Directions. She delivers her performance with heartbreaking emotion.



Did you forget that I was even alive?

Did you forget everything we ever had?

Did you forget, did you forget, about me?

Did you regret ever standing by my side?

DId you forget we were feeling inside?

Now I'm left to forget about us,

But somewhere we went wrong

We were once so strong

Our love is like a song, you can't forget it

So now I guess this is where we have to stand

Did you regret ever holding my hand?

Never again, please don't forget, don't forget

We had it all, we were just about to fall

Even more in love than we were before

I won't forget, I won't forget about us

Somewhere we went wrong

We were once so strong

Our love is like a song, you can't forget it at all

And at last all the pictures have been burned

And the past is just a lesson that we've learned

I won't forget, please don't forget us

Somehwere we went wrong

Our love is like a song

But you won't sing along

You've forgotten about us

Don't forget

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