Don't Turn Around
Season 1, Episode 8
Air date November 19, 2011
Written by JamesonOTP
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My Boyfriend's Back... Maybe?
The Most Magical Music On Earth
Don't Turn Around is the eigthth episode in JamesonOTP's ongoing fan fiction, Glee: The Next Generation. It was released on November 19, 2011 and continued season 1 of his fan fiction.

Bella James, Hallie Grace, Jaxon Pierce, Breezy Hollister, Evan Marx, and Lucas Aguirre are the main focuses of the episode.


With Sectionals just two weeks away, things get serious for New Directions. Rose suffers the wrath of her not very happy Cheerios Co-Captain, India. Breezy finds herself falling for someone who she'd never expect to fall in love in with. Meanwhile, Evan comtemplates coming out as bisexual to his parents. Archie amps up the volume in his attempt to woo back James. One couple hits the skids when one of them decides they aren't the best choice for their partner, resulting in a break-up. Kevin and Rose are getting close again, but is Kevin ready to move past his body issues? Jaxon starts to feel inadeqaute, straining his relationship with James. Meanwhile, when Louis finds out that Lucas has a crush on him, it may have schoolwide reprecussions.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Hit Me With Your Best Shot Pat Benatar India Wilson and Rose Mitchell
Don't Turn Around Ace of Base Bella James and Hallie Grace
Accidentally In Love Counting Crows Breezy Hollister and Evan Marx
You Haven't Seen the Last of Me Cast of Burlesque Jaxon Pierce
Outside Looking In Jordan Pruitt Lucas Aguirre
Tonight, Tonight Hot Chelle Rae New Directions


  • Jaxon Pierce created by JamesonOTP
  • Zoey "Honey" Berry created by too cool for you
  • Lucas Aguirre created by Co0kiitho0
  • Miles Larson created by Parachuting
  • Isabella "Bella" James created by too cool for you
  • Nicole Martin created by Zinnia3
  • Evan Marx created by ClevanOTP
  • James Holland created by Klainer619
  • Kevin Rhodes created by Fallin'
  • John Weiner created by ArpickgLeeker
  • Rose Mitchell created by Rossidaniella
  • India Wilson created by TheOneWithThe GoldenGiraffe
  • Breeziline "Breezy" Hollister created by LoveYouLikeCrazy
  • Hallie Grace created by QuinnQuinn
  • Archie Carmichael created by HotPinkSunnies

Guest StarringEdit

  • Will Schuester
  • Emma Pillsbury
  • Coach Shannon Beiste
  • Sue Sylvester
  • Declan Porterhouse
  • Louis Stephenson
  • Azimio Adams


  • Due to lack of duets in the past, there were three this episode.

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