Evan-India Relationship
General Information
Nickname: Indevan, Evandia and Marxson.
Intimacy Level: Dated, Frenemies
Started Dating: Started dating in Two of Hearts
Dating Status: Broke Up
The Evan-India Relationship is the relationship between Evan Marx and India Wilson. This relationship is also known as Indevan,'Evandia or Marxson.


In the beginning, India and Evan began dating in Two of Hearts, where later on in the season, India has been making a monster out of Evan, and made everyone pretty much go against him. It was also revealed that Evan lost his virginity to India. Ever since then, they often remained as frenemies with each other as Evan and India often exchanged insults with each other after her return during Internationals. In the NYADA years, Evan and India are roommates, and they both fight for a new roommate's affection.



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