Evan-Lucas Relationship
General Information
Nickname: Lucan
Intimacy Level: Friends
Started Dating: It's Britney, Bitch
Dating Status: Broken Up
The Evan-Lucas Relationship is the relationship between Evan Marx and Lucas Aguirre. This relationship is also known as Lucan.


Evan and Lucas have been close friends together, as Lucas often supported Evan through the bad things and during Evan's villain phase in the beginning, Lucas stuck by him. During Prom, Evan and Breezy were still together, but Evan began to realize that he had developed a physical attraction, and emotional, as well, to Lucas. The feeling became mutual for Lucas, but Breezy began to see signs, and assumed that Evan was trying to have another go with Jaxon. Although it wasn't the case, Evan decided to break up with Breezy and remain friends with her, and he continued to gather more feelings for him. By the second season, is where things began to come to the light, when they both admit their love for each other, during a kiss, Evan tries to prove that the kiss would lead to something more. They began dating, until Evan through the year, that he hasn't been happy in his relationship with Lucas after many attempts of trying to be intimate with him. Lucas is more insecure when it comes to being intimate based on the gay bashing he faced with the jocks. Evan had then found an attraction to Claude, even though he didn't want to hurt Lucas. After Lucas finds them kissing, they both break up, and Lucas starts to develop hate for Evan afterwards, but Lucas starts dating Honey, and they reconciled.



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