Face Down
Season 3, Episode 15
Air date TBA 2012
Written by JamesonOTP
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Miracle At McKinley
God Is A DJ

Face Down is an  episode in Season 3 of Glee: The Next Generation. It is the fifteenth episode of Season Three of Glee: The Next Generation.


When the truth gets out that a member of New Directions is in an abusive relationship, it's gonna take outside interference to stop some members of New Directions from fighting violence with violence. Instead, Mr. Shue and Sue inspire Glee Club to rally around their friend and fight back and take a stand in song. Claude finds himself caught between his former friends and new friends as the intensity heats up, putting his relationship with Evan at risk. Lana's had all she can take at home and decides to take matters into her own hands as she climbs to a rooftop and says her goodbyes. Can Lana be saved before it's too late? Can New Directions help their abused friend? Who will be there to pick up the pieces when it's all over?



  • Originally Dillon was to have a solo (Kelly Clarkson's "I Hate Myself For Loosing You") but it was nixed to make room for another song. JamesonOTP said the reason for choosing this as the song to remove was because in an issue as serious as domestic violence, an issue his aunt faced for years, he didn't wanna humanize anyone who would beat his wife or girlfriend. "'I Hate Myself For Loosing You'" makes him relatable and humanizes Dillon in spite of his horrible actions. It was clear it had to go," JamesonOTP said.
  • Never Again was originally a Adam solo but reworked into a Adam and Miles duet after Adam was given a different solo. That solo ("The Last Night" by Skillet) was then changed to "The Rescue" by Tyler Ward.


  • I Bruise Easily by Natasha Bedingfield. Sung by Nicole Martin
  • The Rescue by Tyler Ward. Sung by Adam Gray
  • Never Again by Nickelback. Sung by Adam Gray and Miles Larson
  • Face Down by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Sung by New Directions
  • Coming Down by Five Finger Death Punch. Sung by Lana Addison
  • Don't Jump by Tokio Hotel. Sung by Hallie Grace
  • Broken by Seether feat. Amy Lee. Sung by Adam Gray and Nicole Martin
  • Love The Way You Lie by Eminem feat. Rihanna. Sung by New Directions

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