Finn Hudson
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Light Brown
Height: 6'3"
Address: 415 Whitman Avenue Lima, OH 45802
Family & Friends
Family: Christopher Hudson (father; deceased)
Carole Hudson-Hummel (mother)
Burt Hummel (step-father)
Kurt Hummel (step-brother)
Unnamed Aunt
Relationships: Rachel Berry (ex-fiancée/girlfriend, in love with)
Quinn Fabray-Evans-Puckerman (ex-girlfriend, ended)
Santana Lopez (one night stand, ended)
Brittany Pierce (one date, ended)
Employer: Burt Hummel
Terri Schuester (former)
Enemies: Jesse St. James
Brody Weston
Sue Sylvester
Other Information
Interests: Football, singing
Clique: New Directions
Education: William McKinley High School
Talent: Drums, Football, Singing
Vulnerabilities: Self-Esteem
Strengths: Leadership, singing, friendship, drums
Weaknesses: Dancing, peer pressure, self-esteem
Awards: '09 Show Choir Sectionals, first place
'10 Show Choir Sectionals, first place tied
'11 Show Choir Regionals, first place
'11 Show Choir Sectionals, first place
'12 Show Choir Regionals, first place
'12 Show Choir Nationals, first place
'11 High School State Football Championship and MVP
'12 WMHS Prom King

Finn Hudson is a recurring character in Glee: The Next Generation. He is an alumnus of William McKinley High School, former co-captain of New Directions and former quarterback of the McKinley Titans. 




Finn is often able to "get" people and intuit them well. Intellect appears to not be one of his talents, and combined with his naturally trusting nature, this has allowed many of his friends to manipulate his naivety, to suit their own personal desire. The most notable examples would be Quinn's lie regarding how Finn supposedly impregnated her, and Mr. Schuester planting pot on him to blackmail him into joining the Glee group by exploiting the way he was committed into doing his mother proud. He's also a natural born leader, and tries his best. No matter what Finn does, he always tries to give his all. He is especially concerned about being a good son, and becoming a good man. After having lost his father in Desert Storm, he vowed to do whatever it took to make his mother proud of him. His search for a father figure (now apparently ended with the Hummel-Hudson family going strong) has also been important. Finn also enjoys singing very much, having discovered his natural talent while singing with her mother's ex-boyfriend one afternoon, he's said that the glee club is the one thing that's made him happy in a long time. Because of his former positions as the captain of the football and basketball teams, co-captain of New Directions, and all of the other responsibilities expected of him as a son, brother, friend, boyfriend and student, Finn is often extremely stressed out. He often tries to keep his stress levels hidden from others, but it often results in him exploding when pushed too far, as seen when he discovered that Quinn's baby was not his, or when he gets upset with Kurt after he moves in.

Finn's low self-esteem has also been made central as of the most recent seasons; as he's spent most of his life attempting to fit in or to please others, he's easily prone to resigning himself to stand in the shadow of some of his more outgoing and ambitious friends; and easily feels threatened by other male characters whom he deems to possess talents that eclipse his own. Especially those whom have a natural charm and wit that he himself lacks. He often lets his personal feelings override his responsibilities as a leader, which served to alienate Blaine and made him feel uncomfortable being in the Glee club.





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