Glee: The Next Generation, The Music: Volume 5
Standard Edition
GTNGV5 Reloaded Edition
Released: April 27, 2012
Label: Columbia Records
Glee: The Next Generation, The Music: Volume 5 is the fifth LP installment to the fanfiction, Glee: The Next Generation, released by Columbia Records. This album was released on April 27, 2012. It features songs from episodes 11-16 of Season 2.


  1. Turn Up The Music (from New Year's Eve) (performed by Landon Liboiron and Walter Perez)
  2. I Like It Like That (from New Year's Eve) (performed by Emmy Rossum and Emma Stone)
  3. Party Up (from New Year's Eve) (performed by Avan Jogia and Nicholas Hoult)
  4. I Kissed A Boy (from Labels) (performed by Josh Hutcherson)
  5. Good Soldier II (from Labels) (performed by Ellen Page)
  6. I'm Coming Out (from Labels) (performed by Josh Hutcherson, Nicholas Hoult, Nina Dobrev and Landon Liboiron)
  7. Our First Time (from L.O.V.E.) (performed by Ellen Page, Landon Liboiron and Emma Stone)
  8. Don't Wanna Be Torn (from L.O.V.E.) (performed by Max Thieriot)
  9. I Want To Know What Love Is (from Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now) (performed by Ellen Page and Emilie De Ravin)
  10. Invincible (from Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now) (performed by Josh Hutcherson)
  11. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now (from Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now) (performed by Max Thieriot, Joe Jonas and Ellen Page)
  12. My Immortal (from Beautiful Dangerous) (performed by Max Thieriot)
  13. Your Guardian Angel (from Beautiful Dangerous) (performed by Ellen Page)
  14. Move Along (from Beautiful Dangerous) (performed Landon Liboiron, Emma Stone, Kat Dennings and Avan Jogia)
  15. 25/8 (from Evan&B) (performed by Landon Liboiron)
  16. Flaws and All (from Evan&B) (performed by Emilie De Ravin)
  17. Try Again (from Evan&B) (performed by Nicholas Hoult, Nina Dobrev, Emma Stone, Kaley Cuoco, Kat Dennings and Walter Perez)
  18. It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday (from Evan&B) (performed by Landon Liboiron)

Reloaded Edition Tracks:Edit

  1. 19. It's Raining Men (from Labels) (performed by Ellen Page, Avan Jogia, Matt Bennett, Josh Hutcherson and Emilie De Ravin)
  2. 20. I Want It All (from Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now) (performed by Aaron Johnson, Dean Geyer and Jennifer Lawrence)


  • Landon Liboiron as Evan Marx (featured in 6 songs)
  • Ellen Page as Lana Addison (featured in 6 songs)
  • Emma Stone as Rose Mitchell (featured in 4 songs)
  • Josh Hutcherson as Miles Larson (featured in 4 songs)
  • Max Thieriot as Jaxon Pierce (featured in 3 songs)
  • Nicholas Hoult as James Holland (featured 3 songs)
  • Emilie De Ravin as Hallie Grace (featured in 3 songs)
  • Avan Jogia as Kevin Rhodes (featured in 3 songs)
  • Walter Perez as Lucas Aguirre (featured in 2 songs)
  • Kat Dennings as Nicole Martin (featured in 2 songs)
  • Nina Dobrev as Honey Berry (featured in 2 songs)
  • Emmy Rossum as Breezy Hollister (featured in 1 song)
  • Joe Jonas as Aldy Williams (featured in 1 song)
  • Matt Bennett as Dillon Cregger (featured in 1 song)
  • Aaron Johnson as Archie Carmichael (featured in 1 song)
  • Dean Geyer as Spider Reed (featured in 1 song)
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Monique Ducasse (featured in 1 song)

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