Season 1Edit

Season 1 of Glee: The Next Generation consisted of 22 episodes and ran from October 12, 2011 to January 28, 2012.

Original Airdate
1. "For Your Entertainment" October 12, 2011

Plot: Just three years after New Directions' own Rachel, Kurt, Finn, Mercedes, Quinn, Puck, Mike, and Santana graduated Glee Club, Will is contemplating quitting Glee Club. The year before, New Directions had a revolving line-up and fell apart, not making it past Sectionals. Now, thanks to a young star in the making named Jaxon Pierce, and with the help of some old friends, he will try his best to rebuild New Directions. Can Will return them to their former National Champions glory as he strives for a bigger prize: the newly instated International Show Choir Championship?

2. "Proud" October 16, 2011

Plot: New Directions is forced to evaluate their insecurities and sense of Pride when Mr. Schue challenges to dig deep inside and find their inner self-pride after Miles' insecurities over his scar are brought to light. Meanwhile, Bella's best friend, Hallie Grace, wants to join New Directions but she's lost the will to sing.

3. "Battle of the Sexes" October 22, 2011

Plot: Mr. Schue decides to boost Gee Club morale by having another one of his trademark competitions. This time, it's the boys verses girls in the Battle of the Sexes. Meanwhile, Jaxon struggles with bully and boys issues and Bella finds herself torn between her best friend, Hallie, and popular jock Miles.

4. "Two of Hearts" October 28, 2011

Plot: When James serenades Jaxon with a Madonna song from the eighties, Mr. Schue declares it 80's Week in Glee Club. Meanwhile, as Jaxon and James heat up, McKinley gets a new Queen Bee in the form of foreign exchange student India Wilson. As India makes her mark on McKinley, Bella finally comes to a decision between Miles and Hallie.

5. "Invitationals" November 5, 2011

Plot: When Miles' play is the same night as Invitationals, he is forced to miss out on performing with New Directions. While attending Invitationals, a face from Hallie's past, Chastity Vega, reveals Hallie's secret to India, who plans to spill the beans to all of McKinley.

6. "This is Halloween" November 9, 2011

Plot: New Directions (with the notable exception of India and Evan) rally around Hallie in the aftermath of her secret getting out and decide to throw a Halloween carnival in her honor. But when India and Evan's bulling gets out of control, a fight ensues that leaves one member of New Directions suspended.

7. "My Boyfriend's Back...Maybe?" November 11, 2011

Plot: Evan returns from his suspension a changed man but what does this spell for his relationship with HBIC India? Meanwhile, a ghost from James' past tracks him to McKinley. When it's revealed that it's his ex boyfriend from Carmel, Archie Carmichael, it leads to complications for both him and his relationship with Jaxon.

8. "Don't Turn Around" November 19, 2011

Plot: Hallie and Bella make a tough decision...will they call it quits? Rose and India face off for the title of Cheerios Captain. Meanwhile, Archie continues his efforts to take James away from Jaxon, who refuses to give up. And Evan and Breezy struggle with their attraction to one another.

9. "The Most Magical Music on Earth" November 26, 2011

Plot: Mr. Schue tries to work up the magic by having New Directions perform the music of Disney. Evan and Breezy still can't see eye-to-eye on their feelings: Breezy refuses to admit she's in love and Evan is head-over-heels. Meanwhile, in the aftermath of her break-up with Hallie, Bella realizes she loves Miles.

10. "Battle For Sectionals" December 04, 2011

Plot: Evan makes one final attempt to show Breezy that he loves her heading into Sectionals. New Directions competes at Sectionals, but will Chastity and Archie derail Hallie and James respectively? Meanwhile, a charming Warbler takes an interest in Nicole.

11. "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree" December 11, 2011

Plot: Mr. Schue plans a Christmas party for New Directions and invites the old New Directions to help liven things up. The Christmas spirit may bring out a softer side in Queen Bee India when she attends Hallie's Christmas pageant.

12. "The Power of Love" December 13, 2011

Plot: A New Year's Eve party at Jaxon's house, hosted by Brittany and Santana, takes a turn for the worst when Archie crashes and kisses James at the stroke of midnight. To make matters worse, Jaxon drunkenly sleeps with someone other than James and it just might destroy two couples in the process. Note: This was the Season 1 mid-season finale

13. "Love Conquers All" December 16, 2011

Plot: Guest star Holly Holiday (Gwenyth Paltrow) takes time out of subbing for Glee Club to help Jaxon, James, Evan, and Breezy save their relationships in the aftermath of the New Year's Eve party. Meanwhile, John's dangerous secret drives a wedge between him and his best friend, Miles.

14. "British Invasion" December 22, 2011

Plot: When India begins to feel homesick, Holly decides to have Glee Club perform songs by British Artists to make her feel more at home. As John continues to struggle with self-harm, it threatens to destroy his friendship with Miles.

15. "Regionals" December 28, 2011

Plot: With both Miles and John barred from competing due to their fight, New Directions quickly recruits an unlikely member to have the required thirteen members to compete at Regionals. Will and Emma return from their honeymoon just in time to see New Directions take on Vocal Adrenaline, a showdown Jaxon has been waiting for.

16. "Heal the World" December 30, 2011

Plot: When Lucas finds himself the victim of bullying due to his no-longer-secret crush on his ex-best friend Louis and new student Chad Riker-Smith, New Directions decides to take a stand. But when New Direction's newly founded Gay-Straight Alliance finds competition in the anti-gay Straight Alliance, Jaxon decides they have to take a stand. But will it be too hate to save Lucas from Chad's wrath?

Note: This episode was a Michael Jackson tribute episode.

17. "(It's) Hairspray" January 6, 2012 (Act I) January 11, 2012 (Act II)

Plot: New Direction puts on a production of Hairspray to raise money to go to Nationals in Las Vegas. But when Miles' secret backstage affair becomes apparent to Jaxon, will it spill the beans? Will New Directions make it through the play without Miles' secret ruining everything? Meanwhile, following his gay bashing, Lucas makes a triumphant return to McKinley.

18. "Ignorance" January 14, 2012

Plot: When James' parents find out about his sexuality, he gets kicked out of his own house. Jaxon has been suspicious about the abuse James has endured at the hands of his father, but now with things out in the open, what will become of James? Meanwhile, Lucas struggles with the after effects of being bashed and Bella and India battle it out over Miles.

19. "Pretty In Pink" January 20, 2012

Plot: When New Directions is hired to play the Junior Prom, it's a dream come true for the freshmen and sophomores. Bella has decided to let India have Miles, but finds herself attracted to Hallie again, despite knowing they are better off as friends. As Bella pursues Hallie, Evan finds his own eyes wandering from Breezy to Lucas. At the end of the night, who will be crowned Prom King and Queen?

20. "Vegas" January 21, 2012

Plot: New Directions and their chaperons head to Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world. Between wedding crashing, sneaking into casinos, and physical altercations, it's a wild trip for New Directions. Archie drops a bomb on Jaxon prior to heading into Nationals that may mess with his head. And to make matters worse, when New Directions watches their main competition, the Harlem Hip-Hop Choir, in action, they realize they may not be shoo-ins to win after all.

21. "Sing-Off" January 25, 2012

Plot: A sing-off competition in Glee Club raises spirits a bit for New Directions. The prize? A solo at a competition of their choice the following year. Meanwhile, following the kiss Bella planted on Hallie at prom, both Bella and Hallie struggle with their feelings.

22. "LDN" January 28, 2012

Plot: Despite not making it to Internationals, New Directions goes as spectators to Internationals in London, England thanks to India. India enjoys the opportunity to show her new friends around her hometown, but her old friends don't accept them too well. In the end, India must make a choice: stay at home in England with her stuck-up fair-weathered friends, or return to Lima with her true friends.

Season 2Edit

Season 2 of Glee: The Next Generation consisted of 22 episodes and ran from February 1, 2012 to May 21, 2012.

Original Airdate
1. "High School Never Ends" February 1, 2012

Plot: New Directions struggles with the fact that because they aren't National Champions, they are still branded losers. Meanwhile, a new girl named Lana Addison sets her sights on taking out Bella to get to Hallie. When Lana attempts to join New Directions, Bella's not too keen on having her in Glee Club. Meanwhile, India makes her return, only to see that things have changed and she's not the Queen Bee anymore...Hallie is.

2. "Goodbye" February 6, 2012

Plot: After struggling the year before with self-harm, John commits suicide, shocking everyone. Miles blames himself, feeling like he didn't try hard enough to save John. As New Directions mourns the loss of a close friend, Will sees the same lost soul in new student Aldy Williams and convinces him to audition for Glee Club. Meanwhile, Sue plans to start her own rival Glee Club with Lana's help.

3. "It's Britney, Bitch!" February 10, 2012

Plot: As New Directions pays tribute to Britney Spears, Sue debuts her own all-female (with the exception of Adam Gray) Glee Club, the Femme Fatales! As New Directions and the Femme Fatales go at it in a friendly face-off, the Warblers decide to face-off with New Directions to test Nicole and Dillon's loyalties considering how the two love birds will be facing off at Sectionals.

4. "Duets Deux" February 14, 2012

Plot: For his newest competition, a duets competition, Will brings in some help from past New Directions members. The current New Directions or Femme Fatales member in the winning team will get a solo at Sectionals, so there is a lot on the line. Meanwhile, Hallie is torn between her girlfriend, Bella, and her growing attraction to new girl, Lana.

5. "Popular" February 18, 2012

Plot: Nicole feels invisible and begins to wonder what it would feel like to be popular. Seeing a plan to help get her popularity back, India gives Nicole a hot makeover. Nicole shoots to popularity overnight, but at the cost of losing sight of who she is and why Dillon loves her.

6. "Mash It Up!" February 19, 2012

Plot: New Directions and the Femme Fatales face off in a mash-up competition as a warm-up for Sectionals. Hallie asks for one week, free of interference from Bella and Lana to make a decision as to who she wants to be with. However, when Hallie performs a mash-up with Bella, Lana feels it's breaking Hallie's no inference rule.

7. "Yee-Haw" February 26, 2012

Plot: It's Country Music Week in Glee Club, and while some embrace it, others do not. India's up to her old ways, trying to get Lana kicked out of McKinley by starting a petition. As Hallie prepares a fundraising carnival, New Directions looks for a way to get India back.

8. "Rhythm Nation" March 3, 2012

Plot: As New Directions heads into Sectionals against the Holy Rollers, the Warblers, and the Femme Fatales, Rose gets sick and has to be replaced in order to qualify. Meanwhile, India's newest plan to ruin Lana might just backfire and change her life forever.

9. "Fear/Fearless" March 8, 2012

Plot: Lucas faces his demons when his attacker returns to McKinley, but Chad is hiding a secret. Honey is feeling really as it's the anniversary of the parents who raised her's death, so she decides to hunt down her birth mom, Shelby Corcoran. James' new bad boy attitude is really getting on Jaxon's nerves, but will it break them up?

10. "Snowed In" March 13, 2012

Plot: At a Christmas Eve party at McKinley, a sudden snowstorm leaves New Directions and friends trapped inside the school. As Jaxon struggles with an attraction to Claude, he also misses James. As everyone soon finds out, when you're trapped inside, secrets sometimes come out.

Note: This was the Season 2 mid-season finale

11. "New Year's Eve" March 22, 2012

Plot: Honey throws a New Year's Eve party when Hiram and Leroy go out of town. Things get crazy when Lana's older brother, Wyatt, crashes the party. Also crashing the party? Chastity Vega, who's got a bone to pick with Claude. Alcohol leads Aldy to get into a physical altercation with James and Jaxon. Meanwhile, Jaxon gets a surprising drunken kiss.

12. "Labels" March 26, 2012

Plot: After his drunken kiss with Jaxon, Miles finds himself being labelled. Will decides New Directions should defy labels by dedicating a week to songs that have been justly or unjustly labelled. So, New Directions sings songs labelled as the direct opposite of their own sexuality.

13. "L.O.V.E." April 3, 2012

Plot: Valentine's fever has hit McKinley, so three couples decide to celebrate by taking the next step with their partner. For Hallie, who was raped, can she overcome the past for Lana? For Kevin, who has Body Dysmorphic Disorder, can he find confidence in his body for Rose? And for Lucas, who was gay bashed, can he overcome the fear of being touched for Evan?

14. "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" April 5, 2012

Plot: New Directions heads to Regionals to compete against Vocal Adrenaline. Vocal Adrenaline has a new member, named Spider and he's set out after Archie's place as the lead. When Spider causes Jesse St. James to quit as Vocal Adrenaline's director, will it cost them Regionals? Meanwhile, Jaxon and James realize just how much they love each other, but will it be enough to reunite them?

15. "Beautiful Dangerous" April 10, 2012

Plot: When James's involvement with Aldy and friends takes a dangerous turn, it could have tragic results. Meanwhile, Hallie must face her past when she learns her rapist and the father of her twins isn't dead. Meanwhile an altercation resulting from James' involvement with Aldy and friends will send someone to the hospital and cause one character to unexpectedly leave.

16. "Evan&B" April 15, 2012

Plot: Evan feels left out after being passed up for the Regionals solo and having his musical tastes seemingly overlooked. Things come to a head so much that Evan considers his future with New Directions. Will Mr. Schue's R&B week get through to him or is it too late?

17. "New Divide" April 22, 2012

Plot: Ever since Evan quit New Directions, the rest of the students have been in a funk. Evan's departure has left New Directions pretty much divided and Will thinks he knows the perfect music to help New Directions deal with their feelings: Linkin Park. Meanwhile, Evan adjusts to life at Dalton, including a very outspoken and bold boy who has set his eyes on Evan as the prize. Lana introduces Hallie to her parents.

18. "Heritage" April 28, 2012

Plot: When a heritage lesson in history class causes Kevin to struggle with who he is, he seeks out answers. Ana and Lana put their secret plan into action while Hallie launches one of her own with an unsuspecting Natasha. Meanwhile, Claude has his eyes on Evan, and Lucas is concerned with how distant Evan has grown since transferring.

19. "A Night to Remember" May 3, 2012

Plot: New Directions prepares for their Junior Prom. A few members run for Prom King and Queen, including an unlikely Prom Queen candidate. Claude makes it no secret how much he wants Evan, even crashing McKinley's Prom to get closer to him. In the end, who will take home the crown and more importantly, Evan's heart?

20. "Hollywood" May 8, 2012

Plot: New Directions heads to Hollywood to compete in Nationals, motivated by their loss last year. They might just win this year as one of their previous members makes an unexpected return thanks to Mr. Schue. Can they keep the promise that they made to John after his death that they'd win Nationals in his memory? Maybe with the aid of a song John wrote for them and left in his journal, they can pull it off.

21. "Underrated Artists" May 15, 2012

Plot: New Directions turns their attention to covering artists they feel are underrated as Nicole deals with the aftershock of the John revelation. Three major confrontations threaten to tear Glee Club apart as Lucas unleashes his bottled up pain over losing Evan; Honey, Rose, and Breezy recruit Lana to help get back at Taylor; and Hallie focuses on trying to take Ana down a peg or two.

22. "Gold Forever" May 21, 2012

Plot: New Directions attends Internationals, set in beautiful and romantic Paris, France. The beauty and romance of the city of love will inspire Jaxon and James to take a huge plunge, but can it stop another couple from falling apart? Breezy has a secret that is gonna change things forever. Meanwhile, New Directions comes face-to-face with an old friend/nemesis hellbent on revenge.

Season 3Edit

Season 3 of Glee: The Next Generation consisted of 22 episodes and ran from May 28, 2012 to December 5, 2012.

Original Airdate
1. "Days of Glory" May 28, 2012
Plot: Fresh off a National Championship and attending Internationals, New Directions returns to school expecting to be hometown heroes but are met with little enthusiasm. The seniors face the fact that this is their last year and struggle with the inevitability of saying good-bye. While everyone adjusts to new changes, Jaxon gets some shocking news that will change his life forever.
2. "Magic" June 4, 2012
Plot: New Directions' complete dismissal after becoming National Champions has left them in a funk so Mr. Schue decides to do a lesson to help get the magic back by singing songs with magic in the title. New Directions bands together to comfort Jaxon and help him through the hard time he is having. Meanwhile, James surprises everyone by showing them that he's not the weak, fragile person he once was.
3. "We Made It" June 12, 2012
Plot: Rose and Kevin's different plans for the following year put a damper on their relationship, causing them to have their very first fight since getting back together. Can they work it out? Miles' homelife comes to the forefront, showing it may not as perfect as people think. When Lana and Ana do a duet together, Hallie's insecurities lead her to believe that Lana and Ana's relationship may not be a thing of the past after all.
4. "Strength" June 25, 2012
Plot: When Miles' abuse at the hands of his stepfather spreads around school, New Directions bands together to help him. Miles starts to change himself physically and reveals a long kept secret that shocks everyone. Fellow survivors Hallie and James try to show Miles the true meaning of strength. But will Hallie's baby daddy, Chis, derail Hallie or will she finally find the strength to stand up to him? Meanwhile, Jaxon, Evan, and Hallie attend a NYADA mixer where Jaxon meets a familiar face from his past.
5. "Young Forever" July 4, 2012
Plot: At New Directions insistance, and with Sue's support, Glee Club dedicates a lesson to Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. Evan's attempt to put more extra-curricular activities on his college applications leads him to a prestigious new club. However, when they find out about Evan being biracial, it puts Evan in the middle of a race war that makes him question how much he is willing to sacrifice for his future. Nicole struggles with a decision...should she and Dillon finally take the next step and be intimate?
6. "Night Out" July 17, 2012
Plot: New Directions decides they have to do something in the aftermath of Evan's assault by the Legacy. Struggling with his dark side after snapping the week before, Evan has locked himself up in his room, wrestling with his inner demons. Meanwhile, realizing that this year means a lot of focus and drive to graduate and get into college, New Directions, minus Evan and Claude, decides that they need to have one last carefree, fun time before the seniors commit to settling down. So they hit up Six Flags, the mall, the karaoke bar, and Scandals for a super fun time. What could go wrong? Can Evan's friends get through to him?
7. "Auditions" August 4, 2012
Plot: McKinley High begins the auditions for it's annual school play with two familiar faces being brought in to oversee the play with Will and Sue's help. Most of New Directions are excited to hear the play will be High School Musical: Senior Year and decide to try out. A diva off results between Taylor and Rose as they both vie for the same part and neither will give up so easily. Lana deals with her overbearing mom and seeks help from her brother, Wyatt. Meanwhile, Nicole struggles with her love for Dillon and her growing attraction for Adam.
8. "Ghost" August 16, 2012
Plot: New Directions and their friends decide they are too old to attend the Halloween carnival and blow it off in search of more mature fun. So, they decide to head to a supposedly haunted ex-mental hospital in a near-by town to see if the ghostly legend is true. But when they get inside, they end up trapped when the porch collapses and the only way out is out the attic window seven stories up as it's the only one that isn't barred. Once they get further into the abandoned mental hospital, paranoia begins to set in and it becomes hard to separate the truth from imagination.
9. "Self-Esteem" August 28, 2012
Plot: Lana overhears her parents talking and realize they are hiding something from her. Miles struggles with the decision to get plastic surgery to fix his scar. When Miles' announcement brings out everyone's physical insecurites, Mr. Schue and Sue decide it's time to devote a lesson to self esteem. Miles' friends try to get through to him that he doesn't need plastic surgery, but is it too late? Will Miles go through with it? Meanwhile, it's Adam who personally comes to Nicole's aid over her insecurities by revealing his own deep, dark secret.
10. "High School Musical" September 10, 2012
Plot: McKinley puts on it's annual school musical, but the play doesn't exacty go as planned. Meanwhile, Evan feels inadeqaute competing with Jaxon, who is absolutely perfect and beloved in his role. Lana finds out that her mom's "permission" to date Hallie isn't as glamorous as it sounds. Meanwhile, Miles' decision is revealed, but how will the decision he actually makes affect his life?
11. "Show Choir Showdown" September 15, 2012
Plot: To prepare for Sectionals, Mr. Schue and Sue host a friendly scrimmage between New Directions, Vocal Adrenaline, and the Warblers. However, Riley decides to try to plant some seeds of dissention within New Directions. Jaxon and Miles attend the second NYADA mixer together and their performance makes McKenzie think something is going on between them. Meanwhile, Lana's cousin, Lynsay, becomes obsessed with Lana's life and her friends, much to Lana's annoyance.
12. "Freaky Monday" September 22, 2012
Plot: When New Directions has a hard time understanding each other and the issues they face in their everyday lives, Mr. Schue and Sue decide that Glee Club needs to walk a mile in each others' shoes. So, they decide that each member of New Directions should swap places with someone else and spend the week as them. Meanwhile, when Lana has a bit too much fun being Taylor, it could mean trouble for both Hallie and Jaxon.
13. "Electric Feel" September 27, 2012
Plot: As New Directions prepares to compete in Sectionals against long time friends and rivals, The Dalton Academy Warblers, as well as old rivals, Jane Addams Academy, Jaxon has to fend off Lynsay, who is stalking him. Lynsay is also wearing out her welcome with the rest of New Directions, especially Lana, when she auditions to join Glee Club. Meanwhile, Hallie breaks her silence about the number she found in Lana's jacket pocket.
14. "Miracle At McKinley" September 29, 2012
Plot: After a tragic and uninspiring Christmas Eve, Glee co-captain Jaxon and his fiance, James, go through with their large scale Christmas event at McKinley they have been planning to help the needy and raise money for charity on Christmas day. However, a few Grinches try to ruin it. The first annual McKinley High St. Nick Festival is off to a good start thanks to all of New Directions' hard work. Jaxon and James become especially involved with a pair of young children and their young, single mother who are celebrating their first Christmas since their father died. But when things start to get a bit out of control and a few members find themselves in a rut, can a Christmas miracle get through to both the Grinches and the Lana just in time to save Christmas?
15. "Face Down" October 2, 2012
Plot: When the truth gets out that Nicole is in an abusive relationship, it's gonna take outside interference to stop some members of New Directions from fighting violence with violence. Instead, Mr. Shue and Sue inspire Glee Club to rally around Nicole and fight back and take a stand in song. Claude finds himself caught between his former friends and new friends as the intensity heats up, putting his relationship with Evan at risk. Lana's had all she can take after the Christmas Eve revelation and decides to take matters into her own hands as she climbs to a rooftop and says her goodbyes. Can Lana be saved before it's too late? Can New Directions help Nicole? Who will be there to pick up the pieces when it's all over?
16. "God is a DJ" October 9, 2012
Plot: As Lana adjusts to life back at McKinley and comes to a sort-of resolution with her family, tensions rise in Glee Club. Jaxon feels that New Directions is about to come crashing down and that all their dreams with die with it. As Miles finds himself returning to his pre-New Directions ways, the whole situation causes a rift in New Directions that threatens to turn friends against friends. Meanwhile, as Adam and Nicole come to terms with their kiss and what it means for them, Adam finds help for his cutting issue in an unlikely place.
17. "Truth or Dare" October 15, 2012
Plot: New Directions looks back at the trouble alcohol has caused the past two New Year's Eves and decides to ban alcohol entirely this year. New Directions decides the best way to liken up what seems like a dead party is to play a couple games. First up, spin-the-bottle followed by some good, old fashioned truth or dare. Miles feels he is alienating himself from the others by not wanting to play, but he doesn't wanna relive last year's kiss with Jaxon. Truth or Dare brings out both the best and worst in everyone. Meanwhile, a dare could cause someone to end up in some very hot water.
18. "Idol Worship" October 28, 2012
Plot: As New Directions prepares for Regionals by paying tribute to their musical idols, an altercation between Miles and Aldy has serious consequences for Aldy, which causes Mr. Schue to jump to his aid. Claude faces pressure from Chuck to return to Dalton and help train the next generation of Warblers. Lana and Hallie deal with their love for one another in the aftermath of Lana's rooftop suicide attempt. Will the revelation of Aldy's home life play a part in helping Miles get his life back on track or has Glee Club really lost him forever?
19. "Be Our Guest" November 13, 2012
Plot: Miles makes his decision following his talk with Mr. Schue. Meanwhile, Claude is driven further apart from New Directions, especially so after an incident involving Miles. Jaxon struggles with missing his father as his father's birthday nears. Following the rough time that most of New Directions has faced, Will and Sue decide that they need something to put them in better spirits. Remembering the impact of his Disney lesson two years ago, Will decides to do it again. Meanwhile, Vocal Adrenaline and New Directions take opposing sides when the truth about Monique and Chuck's relationship gets out at Carmel.
20. "What Could Have Been" November 16, 2012
Plot: Jaxon and Lana are upset at Miles over his recent behavior and Miles is still upset with Lana over her near suicide attempt. During a rehearsal for Regionals, tensions explode and the three go at it in song. But when Jaxon tries a high risk manuever and it goes awry, he is knocked unconscious. While out of it, Jaxon is forced to experience what would be different if Mr. Schue had given up on Glee Club prior to his joining. The results are both shocking and unexpected. But the worst thing of all for Jaxon is facing the fact that his fiance is now back in the arms of his greatest rival.
21. "Amy" November 27, 2012
Plot: With only one week to prepare for Regionals, the heat is on to get New Directions ready, but their hearts isn't in it. With the realization that most of them are months away from graduating, New Directions is in a funk. Lana has quit New Directions following her fight with Miles and it's gonna take some unexpected help to step up and co-captain Glee Club in her place and get New Directions ready for Regionals. So, Will has an idea to New Directions by paying tribute to Amy Winehouse. By showing them that her life was more about her music and the mark she made than her short time in the spotlight, he hopes they can learn a few things. Meanwhile, a small misunderstanding causes an issue for James when his jealousy causes him to act out.
22. "Retro Regionals" December 5, 2012
Plot: New Directions returns to compete at Regionals against their arch rivals, Vocal Adrenaline but is surprised to see a couple familiar faces there as well. Dillon shows up to see Nicole, but can Nicole find the courage within to face him? Adam tries to intervene, but New Directions fears they may end up being disqaulified if that happens. When Monique puts herself at odds with Vocal Adrenaline, it's Chuck who puts Riley in his place. McKenzie is not ready to give up on Jaxon, but his determination is getting to James. Meanwhile, Hallie talks to Miles about moving on and putting his issues with Lana behind him in an attempt to get Lana to rejoin New Directions.

Season 4Edit

Season 4 of Glee: The Next Generation will consist of 22 episodes and ran from December 19, 2012 to September 26, 2013.

Original Airdate
1. "Ch-Ch-Changes" December 19, 2012
Plot: As Valentine's day approaches, Hallie's attempt to get Lana to rejoin New Directions isn't going according to plan as Hallie awaits an answer. Since Claude transferred back to Dalton, it has put a serious strain on his relationship with Evan, especially considering that how things have been between the Warblers and New Directions since Dillon's abuse of Nicole got out. As New Directions tries to embrace all the changes, both with Glee Club and in their lives, others merely try to keep everything from falling apart. Meanwhile, New Directions gets a new member.
2. "The School of Hip-Hop" December 24, 2012
Plot: As When Will finds out that The Harlem High-Hop Choir will once again be New Direction's main competition for Nationals, he starts up a hip-hop boot camp to help prepare New Directions to fight hip-hop with hip-hop. But as New Directions struggles through Will's School of Hip Hop, they might just realize that being themselves musically is the best thing to do.
3. "Rock the Halls" February 4, 2013
Plot: Some members of New Directions voice their opinion that since they did an entire week of hip hop, it's only fair they do an entire week to rock as it's one genre they feel has been overlooked. So, Will declares it Rock Week. Lana finally decides to return to New Directions, but will her friends forgive her for what they feel was betrayal? When McKenzie transfers to McKinley will it spell doom for Jaxon and James' relationship? Meanwhile, the long distance relationship between Evan and Claude is starting to take its toll on Evan.
4. "Gimme More" February 16, 2013
Plot: While Bella struggles with an eating disorder, Sue compares New Directions' current situation to Britney Spears' breakdown and subsequent comeback that peaked with her 2007 album Blackout, it gives Will an idea to dedicate a lesson to the album, hoping his students can all find something on the album to relate to. McKenzie really wants to be friends with James, but James isn't so sure he can trust McKenzie just yet. Meanwhile, while everyone seems to be finally accepting Lana back into New Directions, she feels that like Britney during Blackout, she's not completely over her breakdown. Meanwhile, temptation arises for Evan when he takes a job at the record store where he met Skylar, who thinks he is a college student.
5. "Now or Never" March 6, 2013
Plot: New Directions deals with the aftermath of Bella's accident. Jaxon has been feeling like he's been living for everyone else and is a supporting character in each of his friends' lives instead of living for himself. So, Jaxon unexpectedly joins the basketball team after one of their star players get injured and he finds himself struggling to find time to juggle everything. He's soon neglecting his school work, James, Glee Club, his friends, and he's neglecting his NYADA preparations. With New Directions trying to prepare for Nationals, he has to make a choice: find a way to live his own life without sacrificing his friends and his dreams. Meanwhile, Lana enters a rehab-type program where she meets a younger student much like herself.
6. "Jagged Little Pill" March 26, 2013
Plot: Evan's relationship with Claude is on the rocks and while he tries hard to keep it together, he just can't. Now his struggle to stand out in Glee Club heading into Nationals piled on top of everything else has Evan turning to something he's never even considered before: drugs. And while at first they seem to help numb the pain and pressures, Evan doesn't quite see the toll they're taking on him mentally and physically. Meanwhile, Lana has taken on a new protege, Davenport "Davies" Dawson, whom she meets at her rehab group.
7. "This Is Home" March 29, 2013
Plot: Miles makes a hard decision to try and work things out with his stepfather as his brother, Graham returns from basic training and tries to fit back into the life he left behind. The two brothers soon reconnect and bond, giving Miles some much needed stability. Lana seems to be getting better and growing closer to Davies, much to Hallie's dismay. Meanwhile, Evan continues to struggle with his pill use and his relationship with Skylar, which runs into a unexpected obstacle.
8. "Weird" May 10, 2013
Plot: When Kevin feels like he's fading into the background and decides that his participation is not needed, a power nap during Glee Club becomes the setting for one very weird trip. In his dreams, Kevin is the lead of Glee Club and also a very eccentric performer who even has an alter ego. When he suggests they pay homage to his favorite singer, "Weird Al," Glee Club surprisingly agrees that it would be a fitting tribute.
9. "When I'm Gone" May 14, 2013
Plot: Evan's past struggles surmount when he gets caught doing drugs at school and later finds his birth certificate and clues to his past life in a box in the attic. While Evan's "identity" as the Slim Shady inspired Evanem blurs the lines between make believe and fantasy, Evan collapses from a drug overdose. He wakes up in the hospital, fresh off having his stomach pumped, and fighting to make a recovery. New Directions tries to find a way to support Evan through his time of need. Meanwhile, Lana brings New Directions with her to her rehab program to help them cope with Evan's near death experience, where they also meet Davies.
10. "The Price of Freedom" May 30, 2013
Plot: Miles is high on life: he's got the perfect girl, he's back on good terms with his mom and step father, and he's having the time of his life since his brother Graham returned from boot camp. But when Graham finds out he's being deployed, it sends Miles' life into a tailspin. Scared of what might happen to Graham, Miles turns to his friends, who help remind him that Graham is making the ultimate sacrifice for the country. Meanwhile inspired by Graham's patriotism, Mr. Schue declares it Patriotism Week in Glee Club.
11. "Homecoming" June 5, 2013
Plot: Evan comes home from the hospital and makes his return to McKinley, but he is ready to adjust to his life again? As he attends his mandatory rehab program, he suddenly becomes the outsider who all the kids whisper about and go to lengths to avoid. Can New Directions help Evan adjust to life back at McKinley, all while paying tribute to One Hit Wonders? Meanwhile, Aldy realizes he loves Taylor and he begins a war with Miles over her. After the emotionally draining events of the previous week, can Miles defend against Aldy's schemes? Lana and the other girls begin an attack on Taylor to protect Miles from her.
12. "Miami Heat" June 10, 2013
Plot: Mr. Schue worries about Evan's ability to perform at Nationals, forcing him to sit out the competition. In Miami, Nicole considers finally losing her virginity to Adam. Aldy and Miles' war over Taylor could end up having legal repercussions. Hallie meets and falls for a competitor while in Miami and Lana finds herself in the middle of Ana and Natasha, literally. Can New Directions pull off a win and a second straight National title? And will Evan's attempt to make an epic return to the stage at Nationals pay off or end in disaster?
13. "One Drunken Night" July 7, 2013
Plot: When Chuck throws a party to celebrate his 18th birthday, he invites his friends in New Directions to help celebrate properly. But when Lana gets drunk, she finds herself in a very compromising position...with a guy. And not just any guy. Chuck Salvatore. While Lana tries to forget what happened, Chuck unexpectedly finds himself falling in love. Can Lana keep what happened a secret and can she manage to let Chuck down easily? At the same time, Taylor and Aldy share a moment and see each other's problems.
14. "Same Mistakes" July 13, 2013
Plot: When word gets out of Lana and Chuck's drunken night, it sends shock waves through three separate schools with devastating results. While Lana struggles with the shame and trying to fix her friendship with both Chuck and Monique, Chuck tries to keep things from falling apart with Monique, and Monique and Lana try to find common ground when they both feel played.
15. "Glee Goes Gaga" July 28, 2013
Plot: With graduation and his wedding to James approaching, Jaxon feels overwhelmed and it starts to interfere with his preparations for his NYADA audition. Jaxon begins to feels like he has lost his edge and doubts whether or not he'll be able to get it back. Mr. Schue and New Directions comes to his aid with the perfect music for Jaxon to get his theatrical edge back: Lady Gaga. Meanwhile, Taylor finds herself stuck between Miles and Aldy as both pressure her to make a decision over who she really loves and wants to be with.
16. "Even Badder Reputation" July 30, 2013
Plot: Miles has always had a bad reputation as a player. And as word of his secret affair with Honey gets out, it not only further damages his reputation, but also Honey's. Can Rachel help her sister repair the damage that has been caused? Also, Lana is still trying to repair her own reputation after her drunken night with Chuck, which is further hindered by Lana's friends thinking that she has ulterior motives as far as her friendship with Davies goes. Will turns the whole fiasco into a learning opportunity by challenging New Directions to perform songs by artists whose bad reputations outshined their music and nearly (or completely) derailed their career in music.
17. "In One Moment" August 16, 2013
Plot: In one moment, you can either make or break your dreams. That's what Jaxon, Evan, and Miles are about to find out as they take the stage to audition for NYADA. The representative for NYADA is particularly fond of Jaxon, but perhaps too fond. When he offers Jaxon sure acceptance into NYADA, but at the price of one night between the two of them, will Jaxon go against everything he stands for just to achieve his greatest dreams? Or will he give up on his dream entirely for the one he loves and to keep his dignity?
18. "Party Like It's Prom Night" August 18, 2013
Plot: New Directions attends their senior prom, some with very unexpected dates. With New Directions performing and Senior Class President Honey planning, it's set to be a blow out. Things are awkward for Hallie and Lana, who attended Prom together last year. Evan, James, Jaxon, and Miles are all out to win the Prom King title, but which one will resort to mudslinging against his own friends? The race heats up for the girls as Hallie, Bella, Taylor, Honey, and Ana all claw it out over the Prom Queen title. Meanwhile, the after prom party gets a bit out of hand and one couple makes a mistake they may soon regret.
19. "Barcelona Beat" September 5, 2013
Plot: New Directions attends Internationals in Barcelona. While there, they run into India Wilson, who breaks the news that she has applied to NYADA and might be seeing her old frenemies in New York. Meanwhile, New Directions receives a chance of a lifetime when they are chosen as unpaid extras in a superhero movie filming there.
20. "The Wedding" September 15, 2013
Plot: Jaxon and Lana plan a road trip to New York to check out their new home, and while there, Jaxon decides to go ahead and ask James to marry him. With help from an old frenemy, Lana manages to get all to their friends together for the occasion. Finally, the two long-time loves tie the knot with all their friends in attendance. As they prepare to return to Ohio to graduate and say goodbye, Jaxon and Lana realize that New York might not be so bad after all.
21. "Graduation Part I" September 22, 2013
Plot: With graduation upon them, the current seniors struggle with the changes in their life as New Directions say goodbye to their friends and McKinley High School. Jaxon and James adjust to the married life and have to figure out how their marriage is gonna work with them separated. James also finds out that their marriage is not legal in Ohio, which worries James. Meanwhile, Hallie struggles with the her still-strong feelings for Lana.
22. "Graduation Part II" September 26, 2013
Plot: It's time for graduation and the seniors say a teary goodbye to the juniors and sophomores in New Directions. As everyone heads their separate ways, they look back on last time on all the memories and friends they made, both good and bad. Will, Emma, Sue, and Beiste also say their goodbyes, surprised at how much the students had affected their lives in such a short time.

Season 5Edit

Season 5 of Glee: The Next Generationwill consist of 22 episodes andstarted its runon October 14, 2013, two days after the two year anniversary of the series. It is still currently airing the fifth season.

Original Airdate
1. "The Newbies" October 14, 2013

Plot: As New Directions struggles to replace the talent and members they've lost since most of the originals have graduated, Will shocks everyone with an announcement that he will no longer be directing Glee Club as his new job as McKinley's new principal in the wake of Figgins' early retirement will be keeping him too busy. Instead, he announces that Glee Club will now be directed by Holly Holiday and her new co-director Kurt Hummel. Sue becomes Will's vice principal. As Holly and Kurt hold auditions to find new talent, they are overloaded with prospective talent. A new Queen Bee steps up to give Ana a run for her money. Meanwhile, James and Bella adjust to their new leadership roles in New Directions.

2. "Jaxon's Biggest Fan" October 30, 2013

Plot: A new boy auditions for New Directions thanks to his admiration of former New Directions member Jaxon Pierce. Soon, James begins to think that Jaxon's "biggest fan" may be a little obsessed with Jaxon and in a way that makes James uncomfortable. A visit to the doctor concerns Reece. Meanwhile, New Directions prepares for its first school assembly of the year.

3. "Handicapable" November 19, 2013

Plot: Dexter wants to prove that he can do anything he wants to do in spite of being blind. But when he tries out for the football team, he makes a couple enemies who will do anything to deter his dream. Kurt decides that Dexter could use the help and encouragement of a couple of old friends to prove that a handicap is only a small obstacle to achieving your dreams. Will Becky and Artie be able to convince Dexter not to give up on his dreams? Meanwhile, as Davies finally convinces Teddy to try out for New Directions, he drags along his friend, Josh. But everyone seems surprised to see an unlikely face auditioning for New Directions in addition to Teddy and Josh.

4. "Femme Fatales 2.0" December 3, 2013

Plot: As New Directions preps to take the stage at Invitationals, they are surprised to learn that someone has revived the Femme Fatales and recruited a surprising person as their director. As The Femme Fatales 2.0 set their sights on taking out New Directions, New Directions is not too happy to learn last minute that they'll be sharing the Invitationals stage with the Femme Fatales 2.0, who are out for blood. Meanwhile, Teddy and Davies might finally be done after Teddy's jealousy over Aleksander causes Davies to make a move that will not only jeopardize them, but another couple.

5. "Boys vs Girls" March 12, 2014

Plot: Holly decides to pay homage to Mr. Schue's Battle of the Sexes by hosting her own Boys vs. Girls competition in which the girls will tackle songs by girl groups and the boys tackle songs by boy bands. To get their respective teams ready, Bella and James inspire their teams with anthems for their respective sexes. To make things more complicated, the Femme Fatales 2.0 want in on it. Whoever wins the competition will be getting a number at Sectionals.

6. "Glee! The Genetic Opera" March 31, 2014

Plot: Some of New Directions decide to do their own Halloween thing and rent the local theater to put on a risque one-night-only performance of the hit movie musical, Repo! The Genetic Opera. The other members find themselves working at the Annual McKinley Halloween Carnival.

8. "The Power of Goodbye" April 25, 2014

Plot: Everyone struggles with inventing/reinventing their identities. James struggles with the idea of being away from Jaxon as Thanksgiving approaches. Meanwhile, Jaxon makes a surpirse visit to McKinley as he returns for the holiday and to take care of some business within New Directions.

8. "Giving Thanks" May 20, 2014

Plot: As New Directions prepares for Thanksgiving, a new girl arrives at McKinley, bringing with her a dark past that may not be all it's cracked up to be. Holly challenges New Directions to find songs to give thanks over their Thanksgiving break. Meanwhile, all of the previous New Directions members return to Lima and are brought together with the current New Directions.

8. "Wish You Were Here" June 3, 2014

Plot: James loves being married to Jaxon, but sometimes the distance is too hard. When Jaxon's busy college life limits how much they text and Skype, the lonliness starts to overwhelm James. When James mentions to Jaxon that it's Avril Lavigne week in Glee Club, it inspires Jaxon and his NYADA classmates to attempt to pay tribute to Avril in their own way. After watching Mean Girls, Tess is inspired to try to become more popular by weaseling her way into McKinley's mean girl crowd, but what will it cost her? Meanwhile, James decides to skip school and run away to New York, boarding a train and later showing up on Jaxon's doorstep.

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