Graham Larson
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Occupation(s): College Athlete
Family & Friends
Family: Miles Larson (brother)
Amanda Larson (mother)
Blake Larson (step-father)
Other Information
Education: West Pointe
Series Information
First appearance: This Is Home
Portrayer: Channing Tatum

Graham Larson is a character on Glee: The Next Generation who is the overachieving and athletic older brother of Miles Larson. He currently plays football at West Pointe, and eventually will have to be deployed overseas.

Personality Edit

Graham is a serious and determined person, and he posses the same overachiever motives like Miles does. He has a determination that is hard to meet, and he can be a very tough person for the majority of the time. Even though he teases and messes with Miles a lot, he still cares for the kid a lot and really would do anything for him. He feels very bonded with him since they both went through losing their father, and both always put a lot of pressure on themselves. Graham has a love for his country, and that and his love for his family often makes him conflicted. The guy is a natural flirt and charmer though, and he is definitely a gentleman.

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