I Am Changing
By: Dreamgirls
Sung by: Evan Marx
Episode: My Boyfriend's Back...Maybe?

This song was sung by Evan Marx in the episode "My Boyfriend's Back...Maybe?" when he returned from his suspension. This song is originally from the musical Dreamgirls. Evan came back from his suspension a different person, and apologized to Hallie and the other members of New Directions for his poor behavior.


Look at me, look at me

I am changing

Trying every way I can

I am changing

I'll be better than I am

I'm trying to find a way to understand

But I need you, I need you

I need a hand

I am changing

Seeing everything so clear

I am changing

I'm gonna start right now, right here

I'm hoping to work it out

And I know that I can

But I need you, I need a hand

All of my life I've been a fool

Who said I could do it all alone

How many good friends have I already lost?

How many dark nights have I known?

Walking down that wrong road

There was nothing I could find

All those years of darkness

Could make a person blind

But now I can see

I am changing

Trying every way I can

I am changing

I'll be better than I am

But I need a friend

To help me start all over again

That would be just fine

I know it's gonna work out this time

'Cause this time I am

This time I am, I am changing

I'll get my life together now

I am changing

Yes I know how

I'm gonna start again

I'm gonna leave my past behind

I'll change my life

I'll make a vow

And nothing's gonna stop me now


Dreamgirls - I Am Changing04:01

Dreamgirls - I Am Changing

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