If I Only Had the Nerve
By: The Wizard of Oz
Sung by: Miles Larson
Episode: Invitationals

If I Only Had the Nerve Is a song featured in the episode "Invitationals". It is sung by Miles Larson in his rehearsal of The Wizard of Oz. He is accompanied by unknown students playing Dorothy, the Tin Man, and the Scarecrow.



Yeah, it's sad, believe me Missy,

When you're born to be a sissy

Without the vim and verve.

But I could show my prowess,

Be a lion, not a mowess,

If I only had the nerve.

I'm afraid there's no denyin',

I'm just a dandelion

A fate I don't deserve.

I'd be brave as a blizzard,

Tin Man:

I'd be gentle as a lizard,


I'd be clever as a gizzard,


If the wizard was a wizard who would serve,


Then I'm sure to get a brain!

Tin Man:

A heart!


A home!


The nerve!


The Wizard Of Oz - If I Only Had The Nerve01:11

The Wizard Of Oz - If I Only Had The Nerve

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