General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Occupation(s): Student, Femme Fatales member
Series Information
First appearance: "Duets Deux"
Portrayer: Rhylon Nicole Brown
Karina is a member of The Femme Fatales and student of William McKinley High School. She was introduced in the episode "Duets Deux" as one of the Femme Fatales members. Not much is known about her.

She was created by Glee Wiki member and Glee: The Next Generation writer, Kurt's Boy 86.

Karina in Season 2Edit

"Duets Deux"Edit

Karina made her debut appearance in this episode along with Jennifer. Unlike her, Karina had one line in the episode. She said: “We’re down with that, We’ll just root for Lana.”


In this episode, Karina has a solo in "Lady Marmalade", but she doesn't have a storyline.


Season TwoEdit

In A Group NumberEdit

  • Lady Marmalade (Popular) (with Jennifer, Scarlett, Natasha, Lana and India)

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