Lynsay Jeffries
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Family & Friends
Family: Lana Addison (sister)
Alysia Jeffries (mother)
Relationships: Riley Cabrera (boyfriend)
Sexuality: Straight
Enemies: Lana
Series Information
First appearance: Show Choir Showdown

Lynsay Jeffries is a recurring character in JamesonOTP's fanfiction series, Glee: The Next Generation. She is the younger sister of New Direction's member, Lana Addison.

Lynsay's first appearance was in the episode, Show Choir Showdown.  When she first arrives she tries to take Lana's friends.

Lyrnsay was created by Mord Sith's Chipped Cup. She is played by Pretty Little Liars' actress Troian Bellisario.



Season 3

She is first seen in the Addison's living as Lana is arriving home from school during Show Choir Showdown and is introduced as Lana's cousin.


Lynsay has a very needy personality. She generally clings to anyone she dates.



Unlike her sister, Lynsay is very much straight.


Riley Cabrera

Riley and Lynsay were first seen together as a couple in Be Our Guest, although by process of elimination by when each episode and flashback takes place, it is safe to say that they started dating during the events of Idol Worship. In Be Our Guest, Lynsay is first seen with Riley when they catch Monique with Chuck. Lynsay adds in a few things to back up her man, but Riley tells her that is between him and Monique, to which Lynsay doesn't question. Monique visits New Directions for help and confirms that Riley and Lynsay are the new power couple at Carmel and are trying to impose their will on everyone else. When New Directions shows up to confront Riley and Lynsay, Lynsay laces her arm through Riley's. They perform together in Be Prepared and upon telling New Directions to get out, he tells Lynsay to come on as they go back to practicing for Regionals, showing that Lynsay is obviously subservient to him.

During Amy, Lynsay is not seen interacting with Riley. She is only in the background as Monique and Riley perform Back To Black.

As Riley tries to kick Monique out of Vocal Adrenaline after catching her hanging with Chuck and New Directions in Retro Regionals, Lynsay is seen clinging to Riley the entire time. When Monique says that she quits, Lynsay tells her she can't quit because Riley "fired her." When Monique performs with New Directions, Riley tells Lynsay that Monique's loyalties did lie with New Directions afterall and to think that she doubted him. Lynsay reassures Riley, telling him that they're gonna beat New Directions on their own turf. Lynsay was absent for the fight between Chuck and Riley, appearing after it ends to tell Riley that Vocal Adrenaline is wanted on stage. Riley and Lynsay both have solos in Smells Like Teen Spirit, but have no real interaction during the rest of the episode, perhaps both being too busy with being angry at New Directions.

Family Relationships


Season 3



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