Miles-Taylor Relationship


General Information
Nickname: Tiles
Intimacy Level: Dating
Started Dating: Strength
Dating Status: Broken-up
The Miles-Taylor Relationship is the relationship between Miles Larson and Taylor Atkinson, this relationship can be also known as Tiles.



Season TwoEdit

  • This relationship first begins in Evan&B where Taylor begins to make her ploy at Miles. She mentions how he used to be the complete badass at the school, and how Breezy was beginning to make him lose his reputation. He had been dropping the social ladder rapidly, and it didn't look like he was going to be coming up back anytime soon. Taylor mentions how she is becoming Queen Bee and she could quickly help him bring up his status, and they could rule the school together. Miles seems obviously conflicted, and seems very confused as she gives him her number, using a pun on Call Me Maybe, a song she later will sing for him. Miles does ignore these attempts, and he stays faithful to Breezy. She dedicates a song to him, obviously glaring at Breezy.

Season ThreeEdit

  • Days of Glory is the next time where we see this relationship come to light, and with much more success this time. Miles is now single with Breezy leaving him for college, and he vents his anger, frustration, and sadness in always being alone and his relationships never working out through the song "Gotta Be Somebody". Taylor is very moved by the performances, and stares dreamily at him. After Glee Club, Taylor is smelled coming, and she mentions how she loved how sensitive he was and that she was moved. Because of this, she wanted to sing a song with her feelings too, and says she didn't do it in Glee Club because it was more personal. She then sings "Call Me Maybe" to him, and ends the song by once again slipping her number in his pocket. This time he seems much more open to Taylor.



Related SongsEdit

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