Richie Oliver
General Information
Gender: Male
Family & Friends
Relationships: Erica Clifton (girlfriend)
Sexuality: Straight
Enemies: Hallie Grace
Series Information
First appearance: Freaky Monday
Portrayer: Jon Cor
Richie Oliver is a minor character who made his debut appearance in JamesonOTP's season three episode, Freaky Monday.

Richie's storyline has seen him involved with Lana Addison and Erica Clifton. Richie was created by JamesonOTP and was casted by Duffy Danger. He is portrayed by Jon Cor.



Season 3Edit

Season 4Edit

In The School of Hip-Hop Richie is seen as Hallie breezes into Thurston High looking for Erica Clifton. He is confused when Hallie says she deal with him later.



He has shaggy blonde hair with blue-green eyes. He has geeky but jock look to him.



Lana AddisonEdit

Richie's relationship with Lana was short and never took off.

Erica CliftonEdit

Erica and Richie started to date after Erica used Lana New Year's Eve.


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