Snowed In
Season 2, Episode 10
Air date TBA
Episode Guide
New Year's Eve

Plot Edit

When Will gets permission to throw a Christmas Eve party at McKinley, he never imagined what would happen. Lima, Ohio is hit by their worst snow storm in decades, causing all roads to be impassable, and trapping Will, Emma, Sue, New Directions, Declan Pierce, Rachel Berry, Chad Riker-Smith, Adam Gray, Reece Montgomery, Natasha Leonard, Dillon Cregger, Claude Montague, and Chuck Salvatore in the halls of McKinley. Now with so many people trapped together, secrets are bound to come to light and drama is abundant. Can New Directions and their friends pull together and make it a Christmas to remember? Will Jameson find a way to reunite? Who will share kisses under the mistletoe? Will Chad's secret be exposed? Will there be a Christmas miracle?

Songs Edit

Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Mistletoe Justin Bieber Kevin Rhodes and Rose Mitchell
What Christmas Means To Me Stevie Wonder Dillon Cregger and Nicole Martin with Chuck Salvatore and Claude Montague
Christmas Must Be Something More Taylor Swift Hallie Grace
This Christmas Donny Hathaway (Chris Brown cover) Evan Marx
Christmas Time (Snowed In) Hanson James Holland and Jaxon Pierce
Peppermint Winter Owl City Lana Addison
Winter Wonderland Dean Martin New Directions with Adam GrayChad Riker-SmithDeclan PierceNatasha LeonardRachel Berry, and Reece Montgomery

Starring Edit

  • Jaxon Pierce created by JamesonOTP
  • Zoey "Honey" Berry created by The blue eyes girl
  • Lucas Aguirre created by Co0kiitho0
  • Miles Larson created by Parachuting
  • Isabella "Bella" James created by The blue eyes girl
  • Nicole Martin created by Zinnia3
  • Evan Marx created by ClevanOTP
  • James Holland created by Klainer619
  • Kevin Rhodes created by Fallin'
  • Rose Mitchell created by Rossidaniella
  • Breeziline "Breezy" Hollister created by LoveYouLikeCrazy
  • Hallie Grace created by QuinnQuinn
  • Lana Addison created by CharyssaOTP
  • Dillon Cregger created by JamesonOTP
  • Chuck Salvatore created by Camsay
  • Adam Gray created by XxTaylorBellxx
  • Natasha Leonard created by Zinnia3
  • Aldy Williams created by Glee-is-gleek
  • Reece Montgomery created by Parachuting
  • Chad Riker-Smith created by JamesonOTP

Guest Starring Edit

  • Will Schuester
  • Emma Pillsbury-Schuester
  • Coach Shannon Beiste
  • Sue Sylvester
  • Declan Pierce
  • Rachel Berry

Song CoversEdit

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High School Never Ends · Goodbye · It's Britney, Bitch · Duets Deux · Popular · Mash It Up! · Yee-Haw · Rhythm Nation · Fear/Fearless · Snowed In · New Year's Eve · Labels · L.O.V.E. · Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now · Beautiful Dangerous · Evan&B · New Divide · Heritage · A Night To Remember · Hollywood · Underrated Artists · Gold Forever

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