Stick To the Status Quo
By: High School Musical
Sung by: James, Nicole,John, India , and Miles
Episode: High School Never Ends

Stick To the Status Quois a song originally sung by High School Musical. It will be featured on the episode High School Never Ends. It will be sung by James, Nicole,John, India , and Miles.

Lyrics Edit


You can bet there's nothin'
But net when I am in a zone and on a roll
But I've got a confession,
My own secret obsession
And its making me lose control

Jocks: Everybody gather 'round

I have something to admit
I love to bake!
Strudels, scones, even apple pandowdy

Not another sound

Someday I hope to make the perfect crème brulee


No, no, no, noooooooo
Stick to the stuff you know.
If you wanna be cool, follow one simple rule.
Don't mess with the flow, no, no.
Stick to the status quo.

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