Summer Love
Season N/A, Episode N/A
Air date January 28, 2012
Written by JamesonOTP
Episode Guide
High School Never Ends
Summer Love is the Season 1 summer break special in JamesonOTP's ongoing fan fiction, Glee: The Next Generation. It further builds on the plot of Season 1, but is not considered part of either season. Like the Pre-Glee-Quels, it is meant to stand on it's own, but is still considered canon. "Summer Love" is also, like the Definitive Editions and Pre-Glee-Quels, exclusive to this wiki.

It will be released shortly after "LDN".


Most of New Directions find themselves split up during summer break, but plan to make the most of it. India and Nicole are in London, Jaxon, Declan, and James are enjoying a vacation to the beach in Florida. Honey flies up to New York to visit Rachel. Evan, Lucas, Nicole, and Dillon are attending summer camp. And Bella finds herself far away from Hallie all the way in California. Everyone else finds themselves stuck at home in Lima, all alone and trying deperately to entertain themselves.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
School's Out   Alice Cooper New Directions
California Gurls Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg Bella James
Summer Love Justin Timberlake Jaxon Pierce and James Holland
Fabulous Cast of High School Musical 2 India Wilson and Nicole Martin
Cruel Summer Bananarama/Ace of Base Hallie Grace and Miles Larson
Summer Nights Cast of Grease Dillon Cregger and Nicole Martin
Can't Back Down Cast of Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam Dillon CreggerEvan MarxLucas Aguirre, and Nicole Martin


  • Jaxon Pierce created by Kurt's Boy 86
  • Zoey "Honey" Berry created by The blue eyes girl
  • Lucas Aguirre created by Co0kiitho0
  • Miles Larson created by Parachuting
  • Isabella "Bella" James created by The blue eyes girl
  • Nicole Martin created by Zinnia3
  • Evan Marx created by Trae209
  • James Holland created by Klainer619
  • Kevin Rhodes created by LosSims2
  • John Weiner created by ArpickgLeeker
  • Rose Mitchell created by Rossidaniella
  • India Wilson created by TheOneWithThe GoldenGiraffe
  • Breeziline "Breezy" Hollister created by LoveYouLikeCrazy
  • Hallie Grace created by QuinnQuinn
  • Declan Pierce created by Kurt's Boy 86
  • Dillon Cregger created by Kurt's Boy 86

Guest StarringEdit

  • Will Schuester
  • Emma Pillsbury-Schuester
  • Coach Shannon Beiste
  • Sue Sylvester
  • Kurt Hummel
  • Blaine Anderson
  • Rachel Berry


  • The cliffhanger from "LDN" is not solved.
  • Bella sings the only solo in this episode.
  • Covers are beng done in the Season 2 style, although it is not considered either Season 1 or Season 2.
  • All the songs are popular summer songs or taken from musical movies about summer.
  • Grease's Summer Nights was almost cut due to a couple reasons. First, it was used recently on Glee and also, I didn't intend to have 7 songs, only 5-6. However, I realized Nillon needs an official duet.
  • A few lines of HSM2 are included in the scene leading up to Fabulous.

Song CoversEdit

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