Teddy Cruz
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General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Light Green
Birthday: November 14th
Weight: 150 lbs
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Teddy (everyone)
Tedford (Aleksander)
Family & Friends
Family: Erik Cruz (father)
Lisa Cruz (mother)
Relationships: Davies Dawson (girlfriend)
Sexuality: Bicurious
Friends: Joshua Bennett
Enemies: Aleksander Crossman
Other Information
Interests: Singing
Clique: Jocks; Glee Club
Education: William McKinley High School
Talent: Singing
Playing Football
Strengths: Singing
Intimidating Others
Weaknesses: Anger
Fear of Flying
Fear of Pain
Series Information
First appearance: The Newbies
Portrayer: Tyler Blackburn
Tedford Adam Riley Cruz, also known as Teddy Cruz, is an upcoming character in the fifth season of Glee: The Next Generation, created by JamesonOTP. Teddy is a sophomore at McKinley High, who will most likely join New Directions in a future episode.

Teddy will be portrayed by Tyler Blackburn, who is also known for his numerous roles, such as Caleb Rivers on ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars. He was created by wiki member ClevanOTP.


Teddy was born without a father figure in his life, and because of this, he tends to be more sensitive and have less masculinity than he wants. Many people he knew in middle school would believe he was gay, which wasn't the case for him. Although he's not gay, in the past, he doubted that he was straight, because of the way he acted and  he seemed to be more of a theater freak than a strong person, he found himself crushing on a guy temporarily because he never knew what it was like to be in love with a guy. Surprisingly, he experienced it for the first time, but ended it right then and there. Teddy's mother was in a tragic accident as he turned 14 years old, and without any parents or any caring guardians to take care of, he was forced to be sent into foster care. When he began dating Davies, is where he thought that he could have more hope.


Teddy tends to be very sensitive and very touchy at times, however, his personality evolves more, in where he's more honest and uncaring about what he says, no matter if it's the good or bad, he feels as if what he says to others is right and he keeps his word. Dating Davies, however, had made him more mature and positive.


Many people believe that Teddy is actually feminine and homosexual, but it's just his personality that makes him act that way; he has experienced falling for a guy in the past, but it didn't feel right at all to him. As of now, he's not so sure about who he is, but he knows that he does like girls, but at the same time, he does flirt with guys whenever he feels the need to or if it's something he can't help.


Solos Season Five

  1. Complicated


Davies Dawson



  • Teddy's Season Five Promotional Pic

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