What Is The Graphics Team?

The graphics team is a carefully selected team of avid readers and Glee: The Next Generation experts personally chosen by JamesonOTP and REBELReloaded to make the official graphics for Glee: The Next Generation.

The Graphics Team Members

Username Position Main Duties
JamesonOTP Founder, Head Bureau Co-Captain of Graphics Team, Individual Promo Pics, Slider Pics, Profile and Gallery Pics, Outfits Collage Pics, Song Covers, Manips, Misc. Pics
REBELReloaded Administrator Co-Captain of Graphics Team, Album Covers, Background, Group Promo Pics, Song Covers, Misc. Pics
Nerdtastic Bureau, Co-Second in Command Song Covers, Profile and Gallery Pics, Outfits Collage Pics, Misc, Pics
Zinnia3 Bureau, Co-Second in Command Glee: the Next Generation Art (Hand Drawn)
Camsay Administrator Profile and Gallery Pics, Song Covers, Misc. Pics

This Is A Closed Team

What this means, is unlike other groups, you can't ask to join. How this team works is, Trae and I must evaluate your work and if we feel you A) Know a lot about the fan fiction B) Have the necessary skills and C) Have the technological know how to be a valuable asset to the the team, we will approach you about joining the team and if the majority of the team vote to allow you to join, you will be made a part of the team. Right now, we have the wiki's graphics under control and aren't recruiting new members.

We ask that will due respect, that no one who is not on the graphics team make fan covers of upcoming songs. This is to prevent confusion and to allow those covers to shine properly. After covers have been released, you can make fan covers, but they can not go on song, character, or episode pages. Only official covers can go there. Thye may, however, go in blogs. Thanks in advance.

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