Loucas Team

The Story, In SongEdit

Loucas, In LoveEdit

The Team RulesEdit

  1. You MUST have an account to sign.
  2. No spamming or inserting false information.
  3. Those of you who don't ship Loucas: don't bash, harrass, bully, or vandalize this page or anyone on it.
  4. You may only sign once. However, you can comment as much as you want!

Loucas ShippersEdit

Please, sign below if you proudly and fully support the amazing OTP that is Loucas.

  1. <font color= #black>[[user:BloodOnTheRocks|<font color="orange">We Found love in a hopless place</font>]] [[user talk:BloodOnTheRocks|<font color="purple">Degrassi Coming in 2012</font>]] [[Special:Following/BloodOnTheRocks|<font color="green">T]]<front> 01:48, January 3, 2012 (UTC)


The Loucas GalleryEdit

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