The New Girl In Town
By: Hairspray
Sung by: India Wilson
Place: Auditorium
Episode: It's Hairspray
The New Girl In Town is a Broadway song from the musical "Hairspray". It was sung by India Wilson with The Dynamites in the school musical performance in the episode (It's) Hairspray.


Hey look out for that moving van
Driving down our streets
You better lock up your man
Before he meets
The new girl in town
Who just came on the scene

The new girl in town
Can't be more than sixteen
And she's got a way of makin'
A boy act like a clown

We don't know what to do
'Bout the next girl in town
The new girl in town
Seems to dance on air

The new girl in town
She's got the coolest hair
You better tell the homecoming queen
To hold on to her crown
Or she's gonna lose it to
The new girl in town
She's hip, so cool
I'm gonna get her after school!

And yet we'd like to be like her
'Cause she's the kitten
That the cats prefer

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