Tiffany Messero
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Born: December 19, 1991
Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
Character: Alana De Luca
Occupation: Actress, singer
Years Active: 2009-present

Tiffany Domenica Messero (born December 19, 1991) is an American actress and singer and was runner-up of Operation: Glee. Her character Alana De Luca will debut in season 5.

Early Life (1991-2008)Edit

Tiffany Domenica Messero was born to two loving parents in Brooklyn, New York on December 19, 1991. She claimed that her life was very normal until she reached her teenage years. One night, an attempted robbery occurred which and both of her parents were sadly shot and died. Tiffany, who was shellshocked, left her house abandoned, began living on the streets and was forced into horrible things to earn money such as prostitution. Messero admitted to lighting a candle every year on the anniversary of their death. After about a half of a year of living on the streets she was taken into foster care, where she decided to look ahead of life.

Early Musical Career (2009-2010)Edit

After turning 18 and moving out of foster care, Messero decided to follow a career in music. She self-released an EP entitled The Tiffany Messero EP which led to little success. In 2010 she set out on a private tour in the New York City area but sill gained no attention from the media or public and effectively quit the music industry.

Operation: Glee (2012)Edit

In 2012, Messero was selected to take part in Operation: Glee, a reality competition looking to find new talent for the popular television show, Glee: The Next Generation. In the competition, she placed third behind Leyla Liu and Alex Jenkins and received a recurring role on the show.

Glee: The Next Generation (2012-present)Edit

After Operation: Glee, she lived with Lyndsay Willis, Peyton Jenner, and Leyla Liu in an apartment in downtown Los Angeles until moving into her own apartment. She's announced to the media that her character will be named Alana De Luca and that she will be a relative of Alex Jenkins' character, Ryder McDaniel. It was later announced in November 2012 that they'd be foster siblings.

Personal LifeEdit

Messero is currently in a relationship. She hasn't revealed his name but said that they've been "together for awhile now."


Television appearances
Year Title Role Notes
2012 Operation: Glee Herself Runner-up
2012-present Glee: The Next Generation Alana De Luca Recurring Role


  • She loves the color purple.
  • Her favorite animal is a sloth.
  • She is currently in a relationship.
  • Favorite vacation spot is Hawaii.
  • She has dyslexia.
  • Her height is 5'2"
  • Speaks fluently in Italian.
  • Her least favorite bands/artists are The Wanted, Justin Bieber, and One Direction.
  • Favorite artist is Adele.
  • She has a powerful belting voice.
  • Her favorite songs are Set Fire to the Rain and At Last.
  • Her middle name is Domenica which means "Sunday" in Italian.

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