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I am gonna be straight up honest...this wiki is far behind. It's so far behind that it's gonna be a lot of work and I can't do it alone. So, from here on out, I am forming an update team. What this means is, after an episode comes out, those responsible for the characters they sign up for, are to update the character pages with information for that episode.

So, it you are interested in updating the pages for a certain character, please comment below and say which ones you want. Remember: you are reponsible for that character and their updates, so don't let them fall too far behind. All pages once we get caught up should be no further than one episode behind AT MOST. Remember: this is a WIKI, it's an informative site, we need all information as current as possible.

Your duties for character pages are to make sure ALL of the following is up to date:

  • Infoboxes: If they had a birthday, a new nickname, new break-up or relationship, etc, it needs to be current here as well.
  • Biography: Make sure it is up to date with every episode.
  • Personality: If a new trait is shown, make sure it's added.
  • Relationships: Any siginifcant events, kisses, break-ups, cheats, etc need to be added and kept current.
  • Songs: Make sure their solos, duets, and solos in a group number are kept current.
  • Trivia: If you notice any trivia, add it!
  • Gallery: If they have a picture in an episode's infobox, please add it to their gallery as well.

Also, we need people to do the summaries for every episode. Episode pages should, after the episode is released, have the spoilers replaced with a summary, just like on Glee Wiki. So far, only three episodes have summaries. For example: a current episode page should look like this: For Your Entertainment. We need people for the following:

  • Season 1 Episodes
  • Season 2 Episodes
  • Season 3 Episodes
  • Current Episodes

We need people to update Relationship and Song pages as well.

  • Season 1 Songs
  • Season 2 Songs
  • Season 3 Songs
  • Current Songs

Update Team Members

Username Group Pages
Mord Sith's Chipped Cup Head of Update Team; Character Pages; Relationship Page Lana Addison, Hallie Grace, Lynsay Jeffries, Wyatt Addison, Jr, Wyatt Addison, Sr., Calliope Addison, Alysia Jeffries, Davies Dawson, Ana-Lana Relationship, Lana-Hallie Relationship, Hallie-Natasha Relationship, Erica-Lana Relationship and Erica Clifton; Season Two Episode pages.
JamesonOTP Character Pages; Relationship Pages; Episode Pages Jaxon Pierce, Taylor Atkinson, Declan Pierce, Tyler St. Patrick, Johanna Witt, Tess McCord, Camryn Monahan, Shayne Perez, Charlotte Walker, Thomas McLaren, and Aleksander Crossman. James-Jaxon Relationship. Season 1 Episodes.
SouthernSwag Artist List, Character pages; Relationship Pages Miles Larson, Ana Watson, Breezy Hollister, John Weiner, Reece Montgomery, Chase Atkins, Ana-Natasha Relationship and Rose Mitchell. List of Artists/Musicals Covered In The Fan Fiction
Nashradio Song Pages, Episode Pages, Character Pages, Group Pages Episode Pages, Song Pages, Character Pages, General Updating
Purple-Glee-Project Song Pages; Character Pages; Episode Pages Upcoming Song Pages and Song Pages. Season Three Pages.
Zinna3 Character Pages; Relationship Pages; Episode Pages Nicole Martin, Natasha Leonard, Dillon-Nicole Relationship,John-Nicole Relationship, Adam-Nicole Relationship and Season One Episode pages.

Team Badge

Update team

So, if you are interested in helping this wiki grow and stay up to date, please comment below with what you would like to help update.

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