Wyatt Addison, Sr
General Information
Gender: Male
Family & Friends
Family: Calliope Addison
Wyatt Addison, Jr
Alysia Jeffries
Lana Addison
Friends: Janice Gray
Abbie Gray
Series Information
First appearance: Self-Esteem
Portrayer: Freddie Prince, Jr

Wyatt Addison, Sr is the adoptive father of Lana Addison. He is first mentioned in New Divide but doesn't make his first appearance until Self-Esteem.

He was created by Mord Sith's Chipped Cup. Wyatt Sr is portrayed by Freddie Prince Jr.



Season 2

In New Divide, Wyatt Sr is mentioned to be late for dinner that was set up as a meet and greet of Lana's girlfriend, Hallie Grace.

Season 3

In Self-Esteem, he finally makes his first appearance. He is fighting with Callie when Lana walked in. When Lana tells him how she feels about his not being around and he hugs her and tells her he understands.

He is mentioned in Miracle At McKinley when Lana runs away from home. He lets Lana stay at the Gray's as long as it didn't inconveciented them.

In God Is A DJ, Wyatt Sr and Lana made an agreement in letting Lana stay at with Abbie Gray and Janice Gray with his conditions.


Wyatt Sr is a very easy going type of person. Very intelligent and very wise. He is very loving towards his family.


He stands at 6'0' tall.  He has short brown hair and is clean shaven. He can been seen wearing slacks and polo shirts.


Wyatt Sr is straight and married to Calliope Addison. He is father to Wyatt Jr and adopted father to Lana.


Callopie Addison

Not must is really shown as far as how their relationship is. They seem to have a working but very hard relationship.

Family Relationships

Wyatt Addison, Jr

Lana Addison

Even though he is only his adopted daughter he views her as his daughter. It is shown that he would go to the ends of the earth to keep his relationship with her. They have a strong relationship.


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